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Welcome back to FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY where every week we take two of our favorite horror movie characters and place them into a fictional fight! This week is round #4 of our ALIEN bracket! For a rundown on the rules, click here! To catch up on past fights, click here and type in FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY!

               This week we have two powerful and unique fighters for you! Sil, from “Species” and The Engineer from “Prometheus!” Let’s get down to it, folks!


               Sil, also known as “test subject SL1”, is the product of a government experiment combining alien and human DNA.  Raised in a lab and studied by scientists until they decided she was a mistake. Sil escaped when they tried to erase their “mistake” with cyanide.

               She is highly adaptable and possesses extreme regenerative capabilities. In her alien form, she has deadly tentacles that shoot from her breasts, and she can pierce skulls with her tongue. Her instincts are finely tuned, and she has superhuman strength.

               Her species is super resilient and in order to actually kill her, her body must be completely destroyed. Although she can regenerate and heal from wounds quickly, she can be physically harmed and appears to be especially weak to fire. Fire… and boys.

               The unnamed species “infects” other creatures, turning them into hybrid monsters and it can be passed sexually or through other forms of contact. 



               The creator of mankind and several other species throughout the cosmos. Worshipped as gods by many, the Engineer and his race, the Mala’kaks or Mundus Gubernavi, are believed to be billions of years old.

               They can withstand gunshots at close range and stand between 9 to 10 feet tall. Strong enough to kill a man with a punch and possess superior intelligence. The advanced weapons they have in the comics are extremely powerful, especially against Xenomorphs. Ego and narcissism are a major weakness of this almost perfect race.

               It is unknown exactly what their motivation for seeding planets with life is but if they deem said life unworthy, they will annihilate it completely and without hesitation.

               The Mala’kaks skin is a slightly opaque, bluish color and their bodies are basically carved from stone. Seriously, they’re all jacked. Like, every single one of them.



               She didn’t know exactly when the instinct became so strong. A week ago? A few days? Whatever, it didn’t matter. Either way, the urge was becoming less of an itch and more of a need every time. Still, tonight she would go to the bar. Again. She would find a man inside that bar. Again. Then she would go home with that man and if he won't give her what she wants she'll kill him. Again.

               Her goal is to mate and to conceive children. Staying incognito would be a bonus, but not a necessity.

               She sits in the back of the bar, eyes scanning the room like a hawk seeking it’s poor, unexpecting prey. Her heightened senses take everything in, absorbing it. She enjoyed this part. The hunt. She smiles as a man walks over, holding two drinks. Mouse; meet cat.

               “Hello.” He smiles as he hands her the second drink. “Long Island?”

               “Sure. Why not.”

               “May I sit?”

               She gestures towards the empty chair at the table.

               “I’m Mike.” He reaches his arm out to shake her hand.

               “A handshake, huh?” She laughs as she accepts. “I’m Sil.”

               They talk for a while before heading back to Mike’s house. In the living room; they listen to music as Mike continues to pour drinks. Drinks that Sil continues to secretly pour down the sink. Men were so easy.

               Some people get angry when they’re drunk. Others get sad, while others… they get talkative. Mike is of the latter sort and after a night of drinking, had been talking more than Sammy the Bull.              

               Sil was thinking about putting her tongue through the back of his head just to shut him up when he finally says something interesting.

               “You wanna see a spaceship?” His words were slurred, and it came out like more a declaration than a question.

               “OK, I think someone is shut off.” She reaches for his drink, but he pulls it back, spilling it on his lap.

               “Shit.” He looks back up at her. “No, I’m serious.”

               “You’re drunk.”

               “I’m not drunk!” He stands up, again spilling his drink on himself. “I’ll show you!”

               Sil follows him outside. On his land was A LOT of woods. They followed a path into the forest and down the side of a cliff. “I found it when I was walking my dog this morning and I’ve been dying to tell someone, but you know, who do you tell?”

               They came to the bottom of the cliff and Sil was shocked to see it. She was sure he was just drunk. Mike had a childish grin on his face. “See?”  He asks. “Spaceship. Told ya.”  His words thick with alcohol.

               Another thing drunk people can be is brave. Or more like stupid, thinking they're being brave. This is the case as Mike walks toward the spaceship. “I wonder if there’s anything in it.”

               So does Sil. Whatever’s in that ship has an astronomically high chance of being a better mate than this drunken fool. She doesn’t try and stop him as he approaches the vessel.

               “Do you think it’s the government?” He runs his hands across the smooth metal. “Or maybe there’s a real alien inside!” This makes Sil chuckle. Hopefully. She thinks to herself.

               A hissing sound makes him jump back as a door in the side opens. A door that was definitely not visible moments ago. “What the hell?” Mike stumbles back and trips over a rock. He falls to his back hard, losing his wind.

               Sil watches as what looks like a nine-foot-tall man steps out of the craft. If his height didn’t give him away, his bluish, pale skin and dead-looking eyes certainly did. This was no human. Sil grows with excitement at the thought of blending their DNA.

               Mike stands up and brushes himself off. “What, what are you?” He walks toward him, bewildered. The Engineer snaps his neck in one quick motion, then focuses his gaze on Sil.

               He was here on a mission and nothing was going to get in his way. This planet was doomed. Its population was doomed. Whether they refused to admit it or not.

               Sil, dressed for a night out, smiles at the strange blue man. She would try and seduce him first. He looks at least partially human, and if he’s anything like human males, that should work.

               She walks slowly toward him, switching her hips left, then right. She makes eye contact with him as she approaches. She reaches her hand out for his chest, but the Engineer’s loyalty to duty is unwavering and he hits her with a hard backhand that sends her to the dirt.

               Sil, realizing her plan wasn’t going to work, resorts to plan B and immediately turns to her alien form. This surprises the Engineer and Sil seizes the opportunity before he can react.

               Tentacles shoot from her breasts, wrapping around him tightly. She tries pulling him close, but he is too strong. The Engineer grabs hold of the tentacles, and with all his strength, tears them from her body.

               Sil screams as the pain shoots through her entire body. The Engineer punches her in the chest, knocking her back to the ground. He charges towards her, then stops in his tracks stunned as he watches her tentacles grow back.

               She jumps to her feet as her survival instincts take over. She attacks but is unable to pierce his bluish skin. He hits her again, this time in the face, audibly cracking her jawbone.

               The pain is great, but her healing abilities kick in fast. As she gets to her feet again the Engineer watches, respecting her will to continue the fight. He finds it amusing this creature would think it stood a chance against him and as she attacks again, he simply brushes her aside.

               This infuriates Sil who charges again, this time gnashing her razor-sharp teeth. The Engineer picks her up and slams her to the ground. He gets on top of her, hitting her once, then twice. Her healing ability working overtime to fix the damage being done.

               Sil, focusing through the pain has her own plan…

               His hand comes down again, a little slower this time. Her tentacles wrap around his head and she pulls him toward her with all her might.

               His mouth is open, just slightly but enough. As his head comes forward Sil releases her barbed tongue into his mouth, then throat, tearing his larynx out as he watches in disbelief.

               He grabs at his neck, gasping for air as he falls to one knee. As he struggles for air a single tentacle wraps around his head and stops in front of his face just long enough for him to see what’s happening before burrowing into his skull via the eye socket.

               This time, it’s his body that falls to the ground as Sil switches back to her human form. She stands over him, whatever he is, wondering what her DNA will make out of his. The irony of this is completely lost on her as she heads back to the bar… Again.


              Ok, so I think a lot of people sleep on Sil, but she is extremely powerful and utterly lethal. First of all, her healing ability is a major factor. Any damage done, short of destroying her completely will be healed. This Engineer was unarmed. I chose to do that because in “Prometheus” you don’t see him use a weapon. However, if he had some of the weapons from the comics, this may have ended differently. 

              Don’t’ get me wrong, the Engineer is extremely dangerous. His brute strength and intelligence combined make him a serious foe for anybody. As I mentioned though, arrogance is a weakness. The Engineer can withstand bullets, yes. However, I really doubt his eyes have that same durability. Come on. Everybody knows eyeballs are squishy. Everybody. This one goes to Sil.

               That’s it for now folks! See you next week for round #5 of our ALIEN bracket, PREDATOR VS THE THING!!! It will be one hell of a fight! A Fright Fight! On Friday! Until then, keep on geekin’ on my friends!

                Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi

                Follow me: @JoshuaScafidi


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