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Welcome back to FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY! Today is the first round in our brand new ALIEN BRACKET! Just like the ICON BRACKET featured iconic movie monsters, the ALIEN BRACKET features, you guessed it, Aliens! Every Friday for the next several weeks our favorite horror movie aliens will face off against each other! The winner of the bracket will join the winner of our ICON BRACKET, Jason Voorhees, along with the winners of the future HUMAN and CLASSIC brackets in the FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY FINAL for the title FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY’S “KING OF THE MONSTERS!” 


As a bonus, we will have a HERO BRACKET at the end! The winner will earn the right to try and take down our “KING OF THE MONSTERS” once and for all!


If you missed the announcement for the new ALIEN BRACKET, you can check it out here! To catch up on past fights, click here and search FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY!


Today’s fight features the two most popular, and well known alien horror movie baddies on the planet. Or any planet for that matter! There are a few other aliens in the horror world who are well known and even iconic but, how many of them are household names? When it comes to the Xenomorph and Predator, even your mom knows who they are! (All though, she probably knows the Xenomorph simply as “Alien.”) 


These two are seriously deadly, and fans on both sides of the argument have strong feelings about who would win. Allow me to clear this up once and for all fellow horror geeks. Let’s go!





One of the coolest and most badass looking aliens in all of Hollywood, the Xenomorph has cemented its place in horror history. First seen in Ridley Scott’s “Alien”, the creature has clawed and nashed its’ way into the hearts of horror and sci-fi geeks the world over.  If there is a face of sci-fi/horror, it’s the Xenomorph!


The original film is terrifying and wildly popular, even to this day. Ridley Scott’s minimalistic approach to the creature gave it a type of tension rarely seen in today’s CGI dominated film industry. You don’t see the Xenomorph in every frame but, you know it’s coming. What you don’t see, that’s what scares you. Trash bags and PVC were the things of miracles in 1970’s Holywood. Oh, how times have changed. 

Equipped with sharp claws and a lethal tail, an extra set of teeth that can protrude from its already dangerous mouth and heightened senses, the Xenomorph is a fierce enemy in battle. If one was lucky enough to injure it, its blood is literal acid that can melt through metal. So, good luck. The Xenomorph is one of the deadliest creatures out there!




Predators, also known as the Yautja, are intergalactic hunters. They travel to different planets hunting deadly prey, keeping their victims' skulls as trophies. They do not go after weak or unarmed opponents, no, Predators like a good fight. True warriors at heart. 


Strong enough to rip an enemy's spine out in one motion barehanded, and highly skilled in close range combat. Favorite weapons include the Smart Spear, Smart weapon ( smart disc) and when things get real down and dirty, Predators love to use the blades in their gauntlets to filet an enemy. 


They can move almost silently, and possess highly advanced cloaking capabilities. You might be able to run from a Predator, but with its heat vision, you won’t be able to hide. Then again, if you do run, they have shoulder-mounted plasma cannons that shoot on command. 


The Yautja are far superior to humans technologically, and their weapons are devastating. They also have an extremely high tolerance for pain and can take quite the beating. However, if you do happen to best one in combat, as a last resort, they carry a smart bomb in their wrist device. It’s basically a mini-nuke. These things are like space Marines. They live to fight. 




He had been traveling for 6 months, looking for a worthy opponent. This section of space was barren, devoid of any planets with life. Supplies were running low and he would need to replenish soon, or turn around and face the ridicule of coming home with not even one skull. 


Unfathomable. What kind of a warrior comes home with no trophy? This was his first hunt alone, and death was an option before failure. It was time to prove himself worthy. Even if only to himself. 


He sits in the cockpit of his ship, watching all the nothing go by. The empty blackness was hypnotic. He was almost starting to doze off when, off in the distance, he spotted what looked like an old ship. He sat up, turning on the cameras. Definitely a ship. He zoomed in for a closer look. Seemed to be abandoned or, at the very least, out of fuel. 


With the hope of restocking, he set a course for the strange vessel. He reached it rather quickly and set his ship to autopilot. He grabbed his spear, his smart disc, and fit his helmet over his head. The red target of his smart cannon glowed brightly behind the visor. 


The Predator boards the ship cautiously, navigating the dark hall using his heat vision. He finds his way to the cabin, searching for any sign of power. The screen lights up, but the symbols - LOW POWER - are foreign to him. The computer in his helmet is able to translate it to his own language. Annoyed, he grunts as he turns back toward the dark hall. 


The ship is useless, he would check for food and get out of here before there was too little power to open the doors. Exiting the cabin, he heads back down the dark corridor. The only light was from one single bulb in the ceiling, flashing like a strobe.


 He was halfway down the corridor when suddenly, a heat signature flashes across his field of vision. He stops in his tracks, holding completely still. Engaging his cloaking device, he pops the blades of his spear out and waits. Whatever it was, it was in the next room. He slowly walks to the door, sliding it open quietly. The room was large and seemed to be some kind of dining hall. In the back of the room, something was alive and, moving. Whatever it was, it was large. Large enough to be a trophy. 


He aims his cannon, going for a one-shot kill. The cannon moves, targeting its victim, making a very faint sound as it turns on its housing. This tips the creature off and as the cannon fires it’s lethal discharge, the Xenomorph jumps to the side, letting out a blood-curdling screech. 


The blast connects with the wall, blowing a huge portion of it into tiny fragments and shrapnel. A piece of twisted metal lodges into the Xenomorph’s leg, infuriating the creature further. It’s green, acidic blood oozes out to the floor, eating through the metal instantly. 


Before the Predator could fire another shot the Xenomorph springs into action, leaping at him with immense force. With the cloaking device active, the Xenomorph still seems to know exactly where he is, landing on him hard, causing him to drop his spear. Claws dug into his chest. Its second jaw comes out, almost as if sniffing the Predator. Thick gobs of saliva drip from it, landing on the Predators helmet. Impressed by the ferocity of this strange creature, now he’s ready for a fight. 


He releases the blade in his left gauntlet and plunges it into the creature's side. It shrinks back, letting the Predator to his feet. 


For a brief moment, they stare at each other, sizing their opponent up. The Xenomorph charges again, this time spinning and hitting the Predator with its tail. It sends him into the wall hard, leaving him slightly dazed, and dislodging his helmet. Green blood drips from the wound on his stomach, but he is not concerned. 


The Predator staggers to his feet and the Xenomorph lunges forward, attacking again with its tail. This time, the Predator anticipates the move. He grabs the tail above the sharp end, and swings the Xenomorph hard, connecting its skull with the metal wall. Before it can get up the Predator lets off another shot from the canon, removing the tail from its body. 


As the severed tail hits the cold floor in the dark dining hall of a forgotten space ship, the Predator lets out a wail. The Xenomorph angered to a frenzy, jumps at the Yautja warrior, teeth exposed and ready to tear into its’ opponent. 


The Predator, a warrior trained to kill since birth, was just warming up. He rolls to the side as his opponent lands hard next to him. He swings his spear, sweeping the Xenomorph onto its back. The sound of metal sliding against metal shrieks as the Predator’s blade springs from its gauntlet. With the speed of a starving snake, the blade plunges into the Xenomorphs midsection. The Predator lifts him off the ground.  


It flails and struggles to get loose wildly. The Predator’s cannon moves into place, lining up its shot. 


The blast illuminates the darkroom as if somebody flipped on the light switch. The Predator leans back, letting out another battle cry. He tosses the headless creature to the floor and stands over it. Great. No trophy. And with no skull to take home, no one back home would believe this. He rips out the spine anyways, figuring that oughta do when he notices another heat signature in the far back corner. Two, no three of them. They were much smaller and seemed to be stationary.  He picks up his spear along with his helmet and places it back on his head.


Moving slowly to the back of the room, unsure of what awaits, he reaches the sources of the heat signatures. Three small pods, throbbing softly. He scans them with his visor. Eggs...


He inputs a code and removes his wrist device, tossing it on the floor. Time to head home. Back on his ship, he stares through the cockpit window. Out at the nothingness, waiting. Suddenly, the sky was as bright as a summer afternoon as the abandoned ship explodes into the vacuum of space. 


Satisfied, the Predator punches in his coordinates and heads back to his home...



OK fellow horror geeks, for me this is a simple one. The Xenomorph is fierce. It’s deadly and it’s unrelenting. At the end of the day though, it’s just an animal. It doesn’t reason, it doesn’t think, it can’t build or use tactics. The Predator is far superior when it comes to intelligence and there is no deadlier weapon than that. 


Could a Xenomorph get lucky and beat a Predator? Sure. It could happen. But on average, nine times out of ten, the Predator wins. The Yautja are raised as warriors. They’re disciplined. Trained to kill. They go planet to planet fighting the deadliest creatures they can find. For fun. If these 2 species were from the same planet, the Predators would hunt them. That’s how it is. I love the Xenomorph but no way. One on one? Predator, all day. 


What do you guys think? Am I way off? Could a Xenomorph take down the best hunter in the galaxy? As always comment below and don’t forget to upvote your favorite fighter! That’s it for now folks! See you next Friday for JOJO THE KLOWNZILLA VS CRITTERS! Until next time, keep on geekin’ on my friends! 


Joshua "Prometheus" Scafidi

Follow me: @JoshuaScafidi

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