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Nicolas Winding Refn Out For THE EQUALIZER!!

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It's easy come, easy go in the case of Nicolas Winding Refn directing THE EQUALIZER. Not more than a month after Refn entered into talks with Sony to helm the big screen adaptation of the 80s TV show, he's out, with Collider reporting that the deal fell apart at the last minute for some reason. That leaves the studio director-less for a project they really are hoping to get going with sooner rather than later, so they've already began looking into some other names to take the reins in the hopes of still ramping up production around May. Denzel Washington remains locked in as the title character, so that remains a plus for the film, but it is a bit disappointing to see Refn drop off the picture as... well, let's face it. After DRIVE, who doesn't want to see what Refn's got up his sleeve next?

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