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Denzel Washington + Nicolas Winding Refn = THE EQUALIZER!!

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With LOGAN'S RUN currently stalled following Ryan Gosling's departure, Nicolas Winding Refn went ahead and found another project to keep himself busy while the search for a leading man continued. Variety reports that Refn will be the guy to take the reins of Sony's big screen adaptation of the 80s TV show THE EQUALIZER, which Denzel Washington has been in front of for quite some time. 

Edward Woodward played the lead on the TV series, a role Washington would fill as Sony views this as the start of a potential franchise, built around a former covert ops officer who fights injustice on behalf of those who can't do it for themselves. 

THE EQUALIZER has been in development for a decent period of time with Washington on-board, but it's been the directorial search that's been holding up the process as of late. Now that Refn looks to be involved, Sony is hoping to ramp up into production by late Spring, with a script already in place. 


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