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Straight from Other Worlds Film Festival, Madame Revenant sucks on Bleed With Me.

Much akin to Salem's Lot, BLEED WITH ME is a slow yet steady burn. The snowy landscape and surreal fever-dreams triggered nostalgia within me. The film takes it's time to introduce you to the characters which, at times, might truly make your skin crawl. Frankly, the whole movie is unsettling. I can't quite tell if it is intentional or they happened to luck out. Either way, it kept me watching. 
It seems to begin with a small cut on her arm.
A blood red colored spot on the collar. 
A cup of tea.
Rowan (Lee Marshall) reaches a point where the line between reality and paranoia bleed together. Is what she sees really happening? Is her co-worker Emily (Lauren Beatty), who invited her to a weekend getaway, in fact, a vampire? Or is the clearly troubled Rowan breaking? 
The more strange nightmares she has, she becomes obsessed with solving a mystery, of why she truly was invited. Moments in time to which she feels coherent are quickly followed by her waking from her bed. As truths unfold, is Rowan the person she portrays? 
Like so many other movies that try to tackle the subject, BLEED WITH ME questions what reality may seem to someone who is broken and to someone who is supposedly put together. This movie is quite a puzzling ride, but definitely worth the watch. Bonus points for makeup, special effects, and soundtrack. 
Rowan is played by Lee Marshall
Emily is Lauren Beatty
Film distribution is at some undetermined point in 2021
Madame Revenant
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