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Hey there, fellow horror geeks and monsterphiles! Prometheus here with FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY’S Evil Spirits Bracket Final! PAZUZU (The Exorcist) VS THE KANDARIAN DEMON!

As usual in the final rounds, the intros will be shorter. For a longer introduction to tonight’s fighters refer to their first match! If you’re new to the series, click here for a rundown of the rules, and click here then type in FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY to catch up on past fights! Let’s get right to it!


The “evil” behind the Evil Dead franchise, the Kandarian Demon is immensely powerful. Capable of creating deadites out almost anything, it has an army at its disposal at any time. It also hasn’t had to show its physical form in any of its prior fights yet. Maybe that will change today…


The antagonist of the most terrifying film ever made; the Exorcist, Pazuzu is also a very strong contender. Steeped in tons of lore and summoned to ward off other evil spirits, don’t sleep on everybody’s favorite demon. Also known as Captain Howdy!


Her violent scream cuts through the silence like a scalpel to soft flesh. Her neck jerks this way, then that as she sits up, her eyes wide and pupil-less. The sirens in the background grow louder as she staggers to her feet. Her entire body is covered in a mixture of dirt and sticky blood. A squad car pulls up just outside the woods, in front of the old Hull House. One of the officers notices her stumbling out from the tree line.

“Ma’am? Are you OK?”

“She damn sure don’t look OK,” replies his partner. 

“Ma’am? Are you hurt?”

As Lacey continues toward the two policemen, a manic smile comes over her face.

“Now you just stay right there, miss. I’m gonna call an ambulance for you,” says the first cop. 

Lacey keeps coming, biting into her lower lip as she walks and causing it to bleed.

“Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to stay where you are. Do you hear me? Miss?”

Her pace quickens as she closes the gap between her and the two officers. 


The gunshot is deafening as it rings out in the middle of the street. Smoke pours from the barrel of cop #2’s drawn gun, slowly twirling toward the sky before dissipating. 

“What the hell did you do, John?”

“Something aint right with that girl, Tom. You saw it… It was in her eyes.”

“So, you shoot her, for fuck's sake?”

He turns his head, looking back at what he expected to be a mortally wounded woman. Instead, she’s standing there with a bloody grin. Her lower lip now completely missing. A single hole in her head oozes blood as she sways back and forth slightly. Her cynical laugh, high pitched at first, slowly becomes deeper and deeper. 

“Jesus H. Christ,” says Tom. His eyes not believing what they’re seeing. “Shoot her again!”

“But you said…”

Tom, wasting no time, draws his own weapon and fires three shots into Lacey's chest. The impact of each bullet staggers her, sending her back a few steps. This doesn't faze Lacey and she continues moving toward them. She draws near and this time John fires, again with trivial effect. Lacey is on him before he can fire a second shot, sinking her jagged, broken teeth into the soft, warm skin of his neck, tearing through tendons and muscle as she pulls away. Blood sprays from the wound like a macabre sprinkler as Tom looks on in shock.

 He raises his weapon again, but it’s already too late. Lacey’s body is beaten, battered and severely damaged, but her movement is still unnaturally fast and before Tom can even blink, her teeth are sinking deep into his cheek. She's also supernaturally strong and has no problem taking Tom to the ground as she bites into his face repeatedly. 

His anguished screams continue for quite some time, as Lacey slowly tears apart his face, then his throat as her phone pointlessly rings in her pocket. Her overplayed, pop-song ringtone is a stark contrast to the sounds of the man dying under her.

After the screams finally stop, she pulls herself to her feet and looks back at John’s bloody body. A sinister, twisted smile comes over her mangled face, as John begins to twitch…

Meanwhile at the Local Hospital… 

When she arrived, she was in rough shape. Her body burned beyond recognition. Many of her bones broken from a severe impact, as if she fell quite a distance. Yet, nobody could explain how, why, or what she fell from. Two others were found dead inside the house, a Ouija board was on the floor near them. Something happened, but Detective Jones couldn’t quite put his finger on it and she wasn’t telling him anything after being placed in a medically induced coma. 

As the detective sits in the hospital room, wondering what happened, the door opens, and a young woman enters the room. Her eyes are filled with tears and her face carries a heavy burden as she looks at her friend lying in the hospital bed, clinging to the last shred of life she has. 

“Oh my God, I am so sorry Jen, I shouldn’t have left.” She manages to put the sentence together between sobs, before noticing the detective sitting in the corner. She jumps a bit when she sees him, obviously startled. 

“I didn’t mean to scare you. Is she your friend?” His words are softly spoken, and kind. 

“Yes. We grew up together.” She wipes her eyes and the detective stands up, handing her a tissue from a box on the table next to Jen’s bed. “Who are you?”

“My name’s Detective Jones. I’ve been assigned to the case. I want to help find who did this to your friend and make sure they pay for it.”

Sarah breaks down at hearing this. Tears flow from her eyes as freely as champagne during a winning night at the casino. She sits down in the chair where the detective was a moment ago and places her head in her hands. Her chest heaves as she sobs, raising her back up and down slightly. 

“What can you tell me to help me catch this person, or people? Help me help your friend. Who did this?”

“I don’t know,” she replies through her tears. 

“You know something… It’s not being a rat. Look at your friend. She needs your help.”

“I want to help her. She’s my best friend!”

“What’s your name?”


“Tell me something, Sarah. Anything. You said you should have never left. What does that mean? Who did this to your friend?” She immediately starts sobbing heavily again. “What is it, Sarah? Tell me.”

“Fine!” Her voice is high pitched and cracked. Her cheeks are flush and warm. “It’s all my fault OK? Is that you want to hear? It’s my fault this happened to her! I should have just fucking listened when she said she didn’t want to mess with that stupid thing! I never should have pushed her into it…”

“Pushed her into what, Sarah? What exactly happened in that house?”

“Wait, that’s it!” She stands up, suddenly excited. “I know what I have to do now.” She walks over to Jen and kisses her burnt forehead. “I love you,” she says as she removes the pendant from around Jen’s neck, placing it in her pocket. As she makes her way back to the door, the detective follows.

“Where are you going?”

“To fix this.”

“Sarah, you can’t leave.”

“Am I under arrest, detective?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Then let me know when I am. Have a nice night. Thanks for the tissue.” She exits the room, closing the door behind her. Once out on the street, she removes her cellphone from her pocket, scrolls down to the word sister, and dials the number. “Come on, answer your damn phone for once!” 

“Hi, this is Lacey! Well, it’s not actually me, it’s my voice mail. But you can leave a message! Yay!”

The sound of the beep is like a slap in the face. “I know you're probably busy sucking face with that ape you like to call a boyfriend, but I have a serious fucking problem, and could really use my sister right now. Thanks.” She hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath. “Fuck it,” she says to herself as she gets into her car and starts the engine. 

It takes about ten minutes for her to drive to Lacey’s last known location. The Old Hull House, that’s where she was partying last night. When she arrives a squad car is outside with its lights on, but no siren. Several people lay on the ground, none of them Lacey. “What the fuck,” she says out loud as she parks the car in the middle of the street and gets out. 

The cop car is empty, and two officers are in the street covered in blood. One of their faces is almost completely missing void of skin and bone glistens under the thick, caked blood. The cop car is empty, and one of the officers is in the street covered in blood. His face is almost completely missing void of skin. The bone glistens under the thick, caked blood. Sarah almost throws up, but somehow manages to pull it together. 

“Lacey!” She yells as loud as she can without passing out, hoping her sister would hear her. “Lacey, where are you?” She turns around, and her heart instantly sinks in her chest. Her sister, barely recognizable at this point is standing in the middle of the street, covered in blood. “No. Not you…”

She couldn’t tell if her sister was laughing, or crying, or maybe both; but the sound was unbearable. “Lacey?” 

She turns and looks at Sarah with a deformed, sickening smile. Her lower lip still bleeding. When Sarah grabbed the pendant from Jen, her plan was to use it to make that demon heal her friend. Standing here now, looking at a deformed, evil shadow of her sister, gives her another idea. 

As Lacey clumsily staggers toward her, she removes the pendant from her pocket. “Show yourself Pazuzu! I dare you!” 

Lacey jumps on Sarah, tackling her to the ground as a cool wind blows hard against them. “You stupid bitch!” Lacey’s voice is clearly not her own. “I’ll tear out your soul!” As she lowers her head to bite into her sister, Sarah’s skin turns pale, the skin around her eyes turns a deep, dark shade of burgundy and her teeth yellow and rotten. She throws Lacey off her with minimal effort and gets to her feet. Calling upon the wind, Pazuzu lifts Deadite Lacey into the air, then slams her to the ground. 

Lacey stands, her battered body somehow still holding together. As Pazuzu nears, John comes from around the building. His neck still gushing blood, his eyes wide and completely white. 

“Aww, you brought a friend…” Hovering a foot off the ground, Pazuzu wraps them both up in a blast of wind, smashing them together first, and then into the side of the house. “You’ll need more than that.” The voice comes from Sara’s mouth, but it’s Pazuzu speaking as the cocky smile crosses her once pretty face. 

As Lacey and John pull themselves to their feet, Tom’s body begins to twitch, then jerk. He rises slowly, his movement clunky and convulsive. 

“Oh, good. Another one joins the party.” Pazuzu raises Sarah’s arms in the air and is tackled by another dead body that arose unnoticed behind him. Before he can fight back the four of them are on top of him, biting down. 

With a giant gust of wind, Pazuzu is able to remove his assailants and stand himself up. John charges and Pazuzu snaps his neck, then twists it entirely around, applying pressure until the head is removed from the body with a wet, ripping sound. Tom is next to come forward. With a lightning-fast strike, Pazuzu knocks his head back, then puts Sarah’s fist through his chest, removing his no longer beating heart. The unidentified man charges and Pazuzu lifts him the air, then impales him on the rot iron fence out front of the Hull House. Sarah’s head slowly turns at an unnatural angle, looking at her sister. 

“He’s going to feast on your rotten, filthy soul, bitch! He’s coming for you now.” 

Sarah (Pazuzu) charges her sister, digging her sharp, overgrown nails into her already mangled face. Blood drips between Sarah’s fingers as she tears through the flesh, banging the back of Lacey’s head against the pavement. She slams her head down over and over again, laughing until finally, Lacey stops fighting back.

Pazuzu’s laughs are interrupted suddenly when a portal opens overhead. As it swirls, a large shape emerges from the other side. A grotesque creature, with sharp, jagged teeth in rows. Its round body is lumpy and hideous, and with no legs, it glides through the air. On the side of its leathery hyde are the faces of Sarah, Lacey, Tom, and John. 

Pazuzu summons the wind, but the portal begins sucking everything around it in, toward the creature's oversized, razor filled mouth. First, the bodies, then the cars parked on the street disappear into the void. 

Pazuzu is pulled off Lacey, as Lacey laughs maniacally. “I told you, bitch! Your soul is going to burn!” As Pazuzu is pulled toward the swirling portal, the sky rains blood in heavy spurts. The Kandarian Demon opens it’s mouth wide and as Pazuzu disappears into it, the portal shuts, closing a moment before Lacey is pulled through. She falls to the ground, into a pool of blood with a hard, wet thud. 

The wheels of a dusty, pale yellow 88 Delta slowly come to a stop, and the man inside opens the door and steps out with an old, leather-bound book in his hand, a chainsaw attached to the other. He takes one look at Lacey. “Son of a bitch…” 


This one was a tough call, I’ll be honest. I’m a big Pazuzu fan and Evil Dead is one of my favorite franchises. When it comes down to it though, the Kandarian Demon can possess more than one thing at a time. It has immense power and poor Pazuzu simply can’t match it. Not in an all-out brawl like this. I played it out many different ways, but it kept coming down to Pazuzu being overpowered in the end.

SO there it is, the KANDARIAN DEMON joins JASON VOORHEES, THE THING, DRACULA, and HANNIBAL LECTER in our finalist bracket! What do you think out there? Am I way off? Yell at me in the comments below! Next Friday, I will announce our upcoming bracket! Feel free to throw suggestions in the comments! Then the fights will return the following Friday!  Until, next time, keep on geekin’ on, my friends! 

Joshua ‘Prometheus” Scafidi    


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