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Zack attacks the ARMY OF THE DEAD

Freddy Beans here with news on Zack Snyder’s next movie via Hollywoodreporter.

So Zack has moved past superheroes and is now toiling in the undead.  Works for me.  This will not have the zombie’s raping and impregnating human women ideas from 2008.   Good move too!  I love my movies dark but those ideas don’t sell to the masses.  So we’ll have to settle for a balls to the wall undead heist film.

ARMY OF THE DEAD, not to be confused with the epic ARMY OF DARKNESS, will be directed and produced by Zack Snyder.  He and Deborah Snyder will produce via their production company Stone Quarry along with Wesley Coller.   Netflix has an ample budget near $90 million dedicated to the film.

The story follows a group of mercenaries that get together during a zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas.  The get-together is to try and pull off the greatest heist ever attempted, within the undead quarantined zone.

This sounds so fucking awesome to me!
It has a huge budget, a damn good director, and no “handcuffs.”

Anyone else excited about this story from 2008 finally being told? 

Til next time Kids

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