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WORLD WAR Z Sequel On Hold Due to Budget Issues

Roni Rampant here,

In Not-So-Cool News,  production has halted on the David Fincher-directed World War Z sequel that was supposed to start shooting in Atlanta this summer, reportedly due to budget issues, according to Deadline. 

No word yet on whether it's just on hold, or shelved indefinitely. But really, this can't be good. David Fincher directing? Plan B., George Clooney and Brad Pitt's company, producing? How could this go wrong? We've been waiting for this sequel since 2013, and apparently it had been kicked around for quite a while before Fincher signed on. But a movie about a worldwide zombie invasion paints on SUCH a broad canvas, it may be just too expensive to do scenes like - oh, I dunno - a ZOMBIE ARMY INVADING JERUSELEM: 

For fans of the Max Brooks novel, the original WWZ movie may have been something of a disappointment. It took a massive, multi-first person narrative pastoral epic and boiled it down to a 2 hour Hollywood movie story about a single protagonist - Brad Pitt - and his relatable family. Maybe that's why, despite grossing half a billion dollars, the movie is considered a disappointment by Hollywood franchise standards - the costs of production and marketing were such that the movie barely broke even. But still, I was REALLY looking forward to Fincher's take on the sequel.

Brad Pitt and his relatable family run from zombies.

What do you think, talkbackers? Is this movie walking wounded? Or ready to come back from the dead?

- Roni


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