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Check Out This Trailer for WIRE ROOM!!

[L-R] Shelby Cobb as Nour Holborow and Kevin Dillon as Justin Rosa in the action film, WIRE ROOM, a Lionsgate release. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

Hey, friends! Barbarella here to explore the world of video surveillance with you. If you think that sounds boring, first you don’t know me; I’m fun all the time! ;-) Second, writer Brandon Stiefer and director Matt Eskandari’s film WIRE ROOM delves into the chaos and danger a new recruit must face when he mans a high-tech command center surveilling the most dangerous criminals. Check out the trailer for this action film starring Kevin Dillon and the ubiquitous Bruce Willis. 

WIRE ROOM will be available in select theaters, on digital and on demand on September 2nd!







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