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Who wants to win a DVD of INTO THE ASHES?

Ken, with three DVD’s of INTO THE ASHES to give away, courtesy of RLJE Films.

INTO THE ASHES is a 97 minute action/thriller dropping September 3rd (Tuesday) on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The moody action/thriller is directed by Aaron Harvey (THE NEIGHBOR, CATCH .44) and stars a fantastic group of actors in James Badge Dale (THE DEPARTED, IRON MAN 3), Luke Grimes (YELLOWSTONE, AMERICAN SNIPER), Frankl Grillo (CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE PURGE: ANARCHY) and Robert Taylor ( LONGMIRE, THE MATRIX).

Here’s the trailer:

That trailer looked pretty good, no?  I had a NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN vibe in a few of those cuts. 

So what’s INTO THE ASHES all about?

It’s about old friends that don’t get the hint! 

Nick Brenner (Luke) did what all honest crooks do, he ran with the money.  His old friends won’t quit trying to get it back.  They’re so dedicated they take Nick’s prized possession, his wife. 

Does Nick commit to vengeance?  Or does he let bygones be bygones and find a new broad?  We can only hope he commits to breaking heads for our entertainment.  The trailer makes this looks like a dark character study with subtle hints of plodding story, over balls to the wall action. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  These are all actors that I trust.  It’s more an observation at this point.  No, I haven’t opened one of these bad boys to take a peek!

So what do you have to do to get an INTO THE ASHES DVD into your home?
First, you need to live in the US of A.  I’m personally mailing these out and I’m a cheapskate, I apologize to my over the pond friends. 

Second, simply e-mail me at with the following:
Title: INTO THE ASHES (this helps me sort)

In your own words, I want to hear about the first action movie you fell in love with.  When you saw, it, who with and why you think it stuck in your craw.

That’s it!

I will respond to the three best answers and get your addresses to mail you your DVD of INTO THE ASHES.

Any questions?  Pose them below.

Good luck Kiddo’s!

Til next time

Ken Lewis (AKA: Freddy Beans)

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