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WIN a SteelBook of V/H/S/99!

SteelBook V/H/S/99 Box Art

Hey, friends! Barbarella here. RLJE Films will release V/H/S/99 on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray/DVD SteelBook® on May 23, 2023. V/H/S/99 stars Steven Ogg (“The Walking Dead”), Ally Ioannides (Synchronic), Keanush Tafreshi (Weird: The Al Yankovic Story), Emily Sweet (Castle Freak)and Archelaus Crisanto (“The Chosen”). Bringing a punk attitude to the found-footage genre, V/H/S/99 shows how a thirsty teenager’s home video leads to a series of horrifying revelations. It features five new stories from filmmakers Maggie Levin, Johannes Roberts, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyre and Joseph & Vanessa Winter.

With OVER 3 HOURS of bonus features, the DVD, BluRay, and Steelbook® include:

      Filmmaker Commentary

      Exclusive Panel from Reedpop's New York Comic Con

      Deleted Scenes

      "Shredding" BitchCat Music Video

      "The Gawkers" camera test and The Making of Medusa

      "To Hell and Back" Storyboards and Location Scouting


      And more! 

We have a couple copies of the Steelbook® to give away. If you want to win one, email me at with STEEL VHS as the subject. In the body of the email, please include your name, mailing address (US only, no PO Boxes) and if someone made a movie of footage that you’ve taken, what genre would it be? Entries must be received by midnight CST on Friday, May 20, 2023. Good luck!

 Check out the trailer! 

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