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Veronica Rampant says: SHE SAID DESTROY! is her Wednesday Must-Read!

Hi y'all! Roni Rampant here, bringing you the goods in fine comic book entertainment.


I need to tell the world about my love for Vault Comics. This relative newcomer to the publishing world has been STRAIGHT KILLING IT with a lineup of amazing science fiction titles. They bill themselves as the "Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy Comics" and they are not playing around. They've been releasing truly imaginative and original sci fi titles, and with recent deals for VAGRANT QUEEN (Mags Visaggio/Jason Smith), which just got picked up by SyFy, and HEATHEN (Kerri Williamson/Natasha Alterici), which Catherine Hardwicke has signed on to direct for Constantin Films, they have established themselves as a publisher to watch.

One of my favorite comics coming out from Vault right now is SHE SAID DESTROY, by Joe Corallo and Liana Kangas. Billed as "Wicked and Divine meets Star Wars," SHE SAID DESTROY takes the goddesses of Celtic mythology and puts them in the context of futuristic space battles. It's the story of the final battle between Brigid, the Goddess of the Sun, who has conquered and converted the entire solar system into becoming worshippers, and the Morrigan, Goddess of Death, and her small band of outlaw worshippers in an outlying colony: the witches of Fey. 

Winona, leader of the Fey

You might expect the Sun Goddess to be the good guy and the Death Goddess to be the bad guy, but SHE SAID DESTROY subverts those expectations right off the bat, and tantalizes a world where Brigid is a ruthless, pitiless despot who will do anything to survive, and the Morrigan, living in the shadows, offers hope - but not a lot of direction or help. Fans of WICKED AND DIVINE and MONSTER will appreciate this story and the fantasy world it creates, without feeling like they are revisiting well-trodden ground. 

Liana Kangas' beautiful, spare artwork is a real standout here, beautifully set off by the breathtaking coloring of Rebecca Nalty. They delineate an otherworldly setting with few lines and masterful storytelling, and create a world that I really want to sink into. 


The team sent me previews of issues #1 and #2, and I'm hooked. ISSUE #3 of SHE SAID DESTROY comes out today, so get it from your fine comics retailer! 

Yours in comics solidarity,



Roni Rampant

Roni Rampant is a filmmaker and comic book writer living in Austin Texas. Go watch her movie, a MILLION HITS, now available on Amazon Prime. 


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