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The Truth about Wonder Woman's Clothes!

Hey gang, Masked Man here with an annoy piece of trivia for ya, as yer trapped in yer home. Unless you work for a grocery store- in which case, thank you for your service! And of course if you work for a hospital, I got this mole on my back, you mind taking a look??? (I kid! Bless each and everyone of you, keep strong). But getting back to the superheroes, did you know just about everybody has it wrong about Wonder Woman? Even as they are putting the finishing touches on her second movie, most of them never realized that she has never wore a skirt! You see, they have Gal Gadot dressed in a protective tasset, in order to honor her early days of wearing a skirt (also to keep her out of sexist short-shorts). But the fact is, she never wore a skirt! Or at least not in the 1940's. So, if you have no idea what a culotte is, check out my newest video and prepared to be amazed (I think I may have over sold this...) prepared to be intrigued (no, no still too much...) prepared to be mildly amused (that sounds about right)!

Tom "Masked Man" Fremgen

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