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We need YESTERDAY, today!

Freddy Beans here, with a trailer for Danny Boyle’s next one, YESTERDAY.

It looks like Danny Boyle knocks another one out of the park.  YESTERDAY takes a one of a kind idea and somehow makes it work, at least in the trailer.  I was pelted with feel good emotions while watching this snippet.  Not sure if that's nostalgia or simply a wonderfully concocted fairytale that stole my attention.

I have the utmost confidence in pretty much everything Danny touches.  Yes, I even like THE BEACH.

The concept of an apocalyptic version of earth where there never was a Fab Four is hard to swallow.  That it was written by Richard Curtis just makes it all a little easier to gulp down.

I immediately imagine a scene after Jack gets knighted, pitching a shill to a bum on the street.  It would be a great cameo for Sir Paul McCarthy, in my opinion.

David Lautman stars as Ringo Starr in this one, so maybe my vision isn’t wholly impossible.

What do you all think?  Do we need YESTERDAY today?
Can you imagine a world without The Beatles? 

I imagine all the Rolling Stones fans standing at once with a resounding, you bet!

I even love the sly nod to Abbey Road in the poster.

Til the next time Kids

Freddy Beans  (AKA:  Ken Lewis)


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