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Freddy Beans here with a trailer for THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE.

Fresh of his vision of the original murders at Amityville (THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS) Daniel Farrands explores another real life murder here.  I’ve seen both films and am firmly in the, THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS is the best Amityville movie I’ve ever seen camp.  I should add the caveat that, it’s a very uninspiring horror collection, in my opinion.

THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE is more complicated. The movie plays with ideas and themes that will definitely divide an audience.  As it takes real life murders, with actual victims on what some will deem an exploitative ride.  I’ll post a review closer to the movies release date to expand on these thoughts.

As for the trailer, it’s done quite well.  I’m immersed in the fiction presented and wonder if Sharon did have these premonitions before her ultimate demise.  It’s a disturbing thought and sets up the ideas in the film wonderfully. 

Any of you want to see this modern day Helter Skelter?

“Pain’s not bad, it’s good.  It teaches you things.  I understand that.”  - Charles Manson

Til next time Kids

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