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Trailer for TWILIGHT ZONE Season Two Hits...

Hey Folks, Harry here... I had sky high expectations for Jordan Peele's TWILIGHT ZONE, just as I had for Apple's relaunch of AMAZING STORIES - and I feel Peele's Twilight Zone was much better than Apple's AMAZING STORIES - but both series lack the wit, the punch and the power of what they're trying to recapture.   Overall, I found da 'Zone to be a bit flat.   There's no amount of suckage though that would keep me away from watching either series.   I mean...   It is our job to watch with an ever hopeful disposition and put past transgressions to the side in the desire for it to just not suck.

So... Season two of THE TWILIGHT ZONE...  don't suck.  That season begins to stream on CBS ALL ACCESS this June 25th


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