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TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer takes you to the Danger Zone!

I wasn't expecting to see this today.  Grander still, I was not anticipating my reaction.   I was born in 1987, a year after the original film, but my big brother showed me the original film about 60 times as a kid growing up.  The music hits every nostalgic button I have for those times.  It is eerie how much emotion this trailer from Paramount hits me with.  My brother is still alive, but he's gone finance, rather than being the fully dysfunctional geek that I am.  I also liked Kosinski and Cruise's last team up on OBLIVION and the visuals here seem to be just as stunning.  Fly on in to the Danger Zone:



Does that hit you like it did me?  June 26, 2020!


Bert Bolger out


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