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THE KID trailer, Billy THE KID

Freddy Beans here with a trailer for THE KID.

I’m a sucker for a well done western.  This looks really good!

Not sure why but something bothers me about Chris Pratt’s (Grant Cutler) beard.

Now, that the important stuff is out of the way.

Ethan Hawke (Pat Garrett) plays the law along with Vincent D’Onofrio (Sherrif Romero) who’s also director on this one.  I’ve seen Vincent’s first feature film DON’T GO IN THE WOODS and was less than impressed.  That seemed to be a jumble of ideas and sounds that didn’t go together, though the gore was pretty good!  I’m willing to give Private Pyle a pass here, aren’t you?

Will Dane DeHaan compete with Emilio Estevez for my favorite snarky Billy the Kid.  

William Munny in the UNFORGIVEN is the king for me.  That scene where he walks in the saloon, Ned is in a casket outside, and he shoots the owner for sporting Ned as an establishment ornament, still runs shivers down my spine.

Anyone else itching for a good western?
What’s your favorite Billy the Kid movie or actor?

Funny how just seeing anything Billy the Kid reminds me of YOUNG GUNS and it’s sequel.

Til next time Kids

Freddy Beans (AKA Ken Lewis)

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