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The Division 2-515 Gear Score Causes a "Division"


   The DIVISION 2 has seen its share of updates and patches recently. Most have been positively received and overall the games feel like it's in a pretty good place for a loot shooter. 
   There is something that needs to be talked about. And we all knew this was coming. The Dark Zones. 
   If your unfamiliar with the DIVISION 2, the Dark Zones are small sections of the map that have been quarantined off and packed full of dangerous enemies and powerful gear. But that's not all that lurks in the Dark Zones you see, here you and other "agents" have the ability to "go rogue" allowing you to kill other players and steal their goodies. 
  As I am sure you can imagine, it's a lovely place that has been the source of many pains and frustrations for players since The Division 1. 
   The catch? You don't HAVE to go there if you don't want to. If PvP isn't your thing or you don't like grinding for gear just to have it stolen by a pack of roaming trolls, you can just skip the whole experience. Sure, it might take a bit longer to level up and you might miss out on some cool gear but there was nothing forcing you to grind the Dark Zones. Until now. 
   The gear score cap for characters was 500. Now Massive has introduced gear with a score of up to 515. The only caveat? You have to go into (and survive) the Dark Zones to get it. 

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   This is causing a rift in the community with many, myself included, feeling that people should have more than one way to get the best gear. Not everyone enjoys the Dark Zones and many others flat out hate it. Should these players have to trudge through an activity they don't enjoy just to be able to keep up? 
   This will change when the game's first 8 person raid comes out but that has recently been delayed until sometime in May. 
   With the ability to replay missions on hard and heroic difficulties, I see no reason 515 gear cannot be rewarded here but for now agents... I'll catch you in the Dark Zone. Just don't steal my stuff! 
   What do you think? Should 515 gear be mandated to the Dark Zones only? Share your thought's below!
   Until next time, keep on geeking on my friends!
Joshua "Prometheus" Scafidi
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