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STUBER - the ride share crime buddy picture you never knew you needed - has a trailer


Last night during Wrestlemania, the trailer for STUBER hit! It is now online for your viewing discretion.  Why should you care?  Everyone's favorite bulging teddy bear of a man, Dave Bautista and Jordan Peele's titular COMEDIAN from TWILIGHT ZONE, the always hysterical Kumail Nanjiani are teaming up for this buddy comedy. Now, Bautista isn't the only action badass in this RIDE SHARE META COMEDY ACTION THRILLER!  Karen Gillian can kick some mighty ass.  The jewel here is Iko Uwais.  Iko Uwais vs Dave Bautista is going to give us something more amazing than that Triple H match last night!  And just as real.  I hope.

 Here it is: 


Now - do you have a Ride Share story of woe?  As the driver or the passenger?  Does it top this trailer?

Bert Bolger

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