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SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME featurettes & spots & poster fun!


You have been dying to find out about Spider-Man's suits for Far From Home, right?  No, well you're gonna get it anyways.  Here ya go:




See that wasn't painful.  Next from Japan we have a scene where the good guy from another dimension, MYSTERIO (wink wink) explains the Elemental threat that Spider-man must face:


"Bitch Please" is so satisfying - next is a scene that comes after the above scene, that has Mysterio being all big brother to puny Parker - and it is nice to see the swirling fishdome on the character.  It is just so satisfying.  Like Marvel is in charge and doing it right!  Check it out:



See? Next is a host of spots, begining with the one featuring the glasses Tony Stark left for Peter (because he knew he was dying?) - including a threat to Mr Beck!   Check it out:



That's it for now, keep checking out EKM's Spidey posts


Bert Bolger out

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