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SHE-HULK thinks she's a Clone Now!


Hey folks, Harry here with the latest from Marvel's DISNEY+ plans for strongest legal counsel you ever will meet. Jennifer Walters was Bruce Banner's Cousin, who received a blood transfusion in the comics from Puny Banner and wound up needing all new sizes in clothing.  I picked up my SHE-HULK one at the corner 7-ELEVEN in 1980 and it made my Cousin Mouse so much cooler, cuz...  Cousins could become SHE-HULK.   Don't you miss child logic?

Marvel announced today that Tatiana Maslany, whom you may remember from ORPHAN BLACK as the Clones.  Or you may recall her from HBO's brilliant adaptation of PERRY MASON.   Kat Corio is directing the pilot for the series & it is unknown if they're sticking to the original comic origins and having Mark Ruffalo provide an emergency transfusion to Ms. Maslany or not.   But that'd be nifty!

SHE-HULK has been all over the Marvel Universe and we'll see how they treat her on the show, which will surely out-do her Eighties MARVEL ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue.  Will she join the FANTASTIC FOUR, SHIELD or DEFENDERS or LUKE CAGE or...  there's so many ways to take her.  Will she face DAREDEVIL in a Courtroom?   Or working out on Muscle Beach?

Let's see where they take us.


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