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Ryan Reynolds wrecks it in the FREE GUY trailer

Aloha yall, 
Tex Hula
Ryan Reynolds stars as the generic Guy, a bank teller NPC in a GRAND THEFT AUTO type multiplayer game. After the discovery of a special pair of sunglasses, Guy goes rouge and decides to save his world after learning it will soon go offline.

Taika Waititi also stars as the game's head crime boss. Looking forward to the boss battle between him and Guy.
This looks it's going to have a lot of fun with the typical video game cliches. It does make me feel bad about all the dickish things I've done to GTA's background characters over the years. Like tossing hand grenades in crowded strip clubs, or jumping off my speeding motorcycle and watching it mow down groups of pedestrians.
I love the trailer's opening jab at Disney's live action re-makes.
Mahalo pardners,
Tex Hula
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