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Oscar Films Revisited #3: A STAR IS BORN!!


For all the talk about The Oscars being an award show that is a showcase for only low budget "indies", this is my third write up for a film that has made over $200 million at the box office. A STAR IS BORN deserves every penny.

I reviewed A STAR IS BORN earlier this year. Click here if you want to see my full thoughts on the film since it is lengthy.

As for how A STAR IS BORN plays into The Oscars, this film should be the odds on favorite but I doubt it now. It does, however, have all the narrative trademarks of a tried and true Oscar drama along with the star power and WOW moments that keep your average moviegoer transfixed. Sure, the story isn't original. This is its fourth incarnation, but it still feels fresh. A true testament to the talents of Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut. Not to mention Lady Gaga who manages to pack her powerful real-life voice and persona into an initially humble and insecure package for her character, Ally.

No matter how The Oscars turn out, this is a must-see film from the film catalog that was 2018.

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