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Morning, movie geeks!

From the folks who brought us MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett have continued ripping movies since 2006 online as RIFFTRAX. Thanks to them, I was able to watch through a couple of the TWILIGHT movies and their commentary certainly lessened the burn. From their website you can purchase their audio riff track, and play it alongside it’s companion movie (you gotta get that yourself because copyright blah blah blah), or some movies are old enough that you can buy directly with the track on it.


Anyways, they’re up to going LIVE again for 2019, this time riffing on OCTAMAN (April 18th), STAR RAIDERS (June 6th), and THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION (August 15th) in theaters nationwide! There will be 3 Live Shows in 2019 simulcast to 700+ movie theaters. They are celebrating 10 years of RIFFTRAX LIVE! I immediately wonder what it’s like when the stream starts to buffer in a movie theater...They’re trying to kick things off but with what else? A Kickstarter! It has been just one day and they’re almost to their $250,000 goal. I was watching the numbers go up on pledges as I wrote this! By the time you read this, it may already be over the top!




I’m having a hard time telling if they actually don’t know what this campaign is and their publicists put this all together, or that they’re making fun of themselves about their accusations of being scripted for their shows versus actually riffing.


Either way, this looks like a great time for any movie geek. Support their  Kickstarter or buy tickets!


~Big Eyes

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