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See Rhys Wakefield's "BERSERK" Trailer that Stars Nick Cannon


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The folks at Freestyle Digital Media released a trailer for "BERSERK" that stars Nick Cannon ("Drumline," "Bobby," "Men In Black II," and "King of the Dancehall"), Rhys Wakefield ("True Detective," "The Purge," and "Sanctum"), James Roday ("Gamer," "Psyche," and "Psyche 2 The Movie"), Jack Falahee ("Mercy Street," "The Song of Sway Lake," "We are Boats"), and Nora Arnezeder ("Berlin 36," "Safe House," and "The Words"). Australian native Rhys Wakefield not only is acting in "BERSERK" but also will be making his feature-length directorial debut with this indie thriller. Rhys Wakefield also penned the script for "BERSERK" alongside William Day Frank ("Model Home" and currently in production "To Hell With Reno," "Susie Searches," "Sunny," and the recently announced "Wolf in the Wild").

Freestyle Digital Media describes "BERSERK" as-
"Raffy Rivers is a fading movie star in need of a career revival. His writer friend, Evan, has never tasted success. Both believe their zombie script will provide the breakthrough they so desperately need- if only they could finish the damn thing. When Evan realizes that neither has felt true fear, the pair set out to trick each other into feeling it. The events turn deadly serious as a prank goes wrong and a surprise visitor is killed. In the frantic aftermath, the friends must keep their cool as they decide how best to hide the body. This is made infinitely more difficult by hallucinatory drugs, an ex-girlfriend, a clingy police officer, and a pack of hungry coyotes. Throughout the chaos, Raffy and Evan still valiantly attempt to finish the script, even enlisting their guests to serve as director and supporting actor. Eventually, the tension proves too much. The story builds to a frenzy in the final act as we learn every character has secret motives - ones they are willing to kill for. Starring Nick Cannon, Rhys Wakefield, James Roday, Nora Arnezeder, and Jack Falahee!"


Here is the trailer for "BERSERK" let us know what you think.

Rhys Wakefield's "BERSERK" is set to be released direct-to-VOD on April 5th. What do all of you think of the trailer?


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