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Review of the Netflix docuseries LOSERS

Freddy Beans, with a review of the Netflix documentary serie,s just released, titled LOSERS.

25 years after Beck introduced us to LOSER, comes a docuseries based on a loose definition of the term 'loser.' 

We follow each individual tale of an athlete failing at their respective sports and then persevering in ways they hadn’t expected.  These are feel good tales, told with the backstory of failure.  Where all good advances come from i have personally found.

Mickey Duzyj (director) makes incredibly effective use of his animation background in telling these redemption stories based in sorrow.  There’s a closeness he also achieves, filming in intimate locations so our  ‘could be’ champions can comfortably, tell their tales.

I connected to each one of these stories individually, speaking to the masterful hand of Mickey. I can’t wait to see what the man does next.  LOSERS made me excited about sports I don’t’ necessarily watch.  If nothing else, I finally learned how to play curling thanks to his subtle animations.  If ‘play curling’ isn’t a proper term, I have shown, I still have much to learn.

I loved this series, I hope it turns into or was meant to be an ongoing series.  There’s tons of losers out there!  Seriously though, these stories touch your heart and ultimately teach you about the important things in life. 

With LOSERS you get eight, 1 hour episodes.

The Miscast Champion – The story of Michael Bentt finding what mattered in life.

The Jaws of Victory – How a security canine saved Torquay’s soccer team from being disbanded by biting one of its star players.

Judgement – One of the strongest stories is this tale of Surya Bonaly the black French figure skater, who fought prejudice to compete her way.

Stone Cold – Canadian Pat Ryan’s competitiveness ultimately changed the sport of curling.

Lost in the Desert – The story of Olympian long distance runner Mauro Prosperi’s attempt to complete a long and brutal endurance race.  This one turns into a fight for survival.

Aliy -  Is the story of sled dog musher Aliy Zirkle who continues to compete in the Iditarod after an incredibly harrowing experience in 2016.

Black Jack -  About street hoops legend Jack Ryan’s inability to live up to his potential.  Yet, finding true meaning in his life by fighting for his dream against all odds.

The 72nd Hold  -  French golfer Jean Van de Velde’s heartbreaking loss on the last hole at the 1999 British Open Championship.

I can’t recommend this docuseries enough.  I want everyone to see it so I can talk to them about each of these almost winners!

9 out of 10 athletes agree losing isn’t everything

Til next time kids

Ken Lewis (AKA: Fred Beans)


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