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Big Eyes Reviews ENDGAME! And Shares When to Pee! Minor Spoilers

Heya geeks!


I know a lot of you out there are ultra pumped for the newest AVENGERS, but don't want anything spoiled! This is a spoiler free review unless you consider learning of the premise which is revealed within the first quarter or so of the movie, then read no further. (Really though, I don’t know why you even clicked on the link if you feel that way!)

What I can easily say about AVENGERS ENDGAME is that I am relieved it was good. By relieved, I meant it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and at times it seemed like the movie was going to be a huge disappointment. When you’re an hour in and don’t really care for where it’s going just yet, it sure can feel that way.


The world goes on after Thanos has snapped his fingers, and it is a sad, sad place. So many lives were lost, normal folk and Avengers alike are trying to move on. It didn’t take long for the dark and dreary “everything sucks now” motion became a bit much for the viewer. Five years after Thanos (AT?), Ant-Man is released from the Quantum Realm thanks to a deus ex machina. After realizing how little time went by for him in the Quantum Realm and how much faster time went in the world, Ant-Man pitches the idea to somehow use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time and undo Thanos’ snap.

After getting one of the Avenger’s scientists (no spoilers!) to figure out how that could work, they go back in time to snag the Infinity Stones before Thanos can. This leads to a bit of fun and SO MUCH FAN SERVICE putting the characters back into the time and places of AGE OF ULTRON and INFINITY WAR, plus more! Scenes that we’ve seen before in previous movies are played out differently since the characters already know what happened. I sure hope you guys re-watch at least AGE OF ULTRON recently before going to see this!


We also get to see many other important characters in the past that you wouldn’t have expected entirely. While all of these callbacks are great, the whole going into the past to change the future outcome thing has been done, it was at this point I was getting worried about where the movie was going. All of that fan service started to become a bit much, and the movie began to get--dare I say--boring?


As it turns it out, it was necessary to get through all of that to get the ball rolling for the second half that was well worth it! There is so much awesome action packed into the second half you could compare it to a final battle in a LORD OF THE RINGS movie, maybe even READY PLAYER ONE.

I personally would have loved to see more of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY characters in the movie, but the movie was long enough. And we’ll get to see GOTG 3 eventually, I hope.


Although the first half is super heavy and kinda stumbles over itself, there’s still plenty of substance in there to round out the movie as a whole, it's still followed up by great action and the ending was fantastic. I found my viewing experience quite satisfactory and feel it was an excellent end to Marvel’s Phase 3. Go see the movie and enjoy the heck out of it!



This movie is three hours long. How could you enjoy your movie without guzzling down giant movie drink to stay hydrated?! With the knowledge you have obtained here, you can get away with running to pee any time during the first half of the movie. There is no “post-credit scene," so potentially (if you can hold it) you could get away with a quick trip to the restroom once the credits begin!


~Big Eyes

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