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Sam Reviews "2050" A Sci-Fi Sex-Bot Story

Hey Everyone Sam here to talk about the movie 2050 which came out on Valentine's day in New York, NY and is slowly making its way across select cities including Los Angeles, Houston, Nashville, and Baltimore.

You know long ago when I was a young little shorty-wop born into a time known as the ’80s;  I remember passing notes as a kid to ask, "Will you go out with me?"  Then as time progressed people had to step their game up and initiate a conversation by looking a person in their eyes, smiling and saying, "Hi, what's your name."  Then there would be small talk that eventually led to words like, "I think you're attractive and I would like to take you out on a date some time?"  People would exchange numbers and talk on a phone with a cord.  Or possibly you were friends with a matchmaker who always likes to say, “I want to hook you up with my cousin who looks just like Janet Jackson, you two would be perfect for each other.” 




In those times, no one would have ever imagined that the search for love would come through online apps that featured profiles and left or right swipes.  But what about the world of 2050?


2050 was written by Brian Ackley, Princeton Holt, and David Vaughn.   Check out the trailer:



As you can see the writers are taking audiences on a time capsule into the future to explore relationships, sex, and intimacy with artificially intelligent beings.  After I viewed the trailer, I instantly had questions like is 2050 looking to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases?  Hmmm, that would be great.  Do sex bots eliminate the oldest profession in the book?  How does society replace that outstanding number of jobs?  Do priests and nuns get to have one?  Do future relationships welcome sex bots into a marriage/ partnership to enhance those wonderful times when your partner is “too tired” to be intimate or listen to you talk about your day?  Are sex bots healthy or unhealthy?  Well, until a few years ago marijuana was considered unhealthy and illegal for the majority of my life.  Now it’s legal and CBD oil is more popular more than Bengay and is being sold in tea to help anxiety/depression.  So why not sex-bots?  Why not a customized individual to suit your needs? They can provide companionship to seniors and lonely widows.  It can be a friend to the socially awkward.  It can listen to secrets.  Damn, are there dogs in 2050, because sex-bots are sounding a lot like mans best friend with benefits.  I can't even think about that right now.  Moving on.

Anyways in 2050, audiences will view a tired ass marriage between two characters Brooke(Irina Abraham) and Michael Greene(David Vaughn).  Most of you know this relationship; hopefully, you’re not in it.  Because it’s that involves full-time jobs, small children and monotonous schedules that can often lead to unfulfilled desires or needs.  Then we have Brookes little brother Drew (Devin Fuller) who has an “e-mate” as a personal companion.  Drew introduces the “e-mate” concept to his brother-in-law Michael through a business card.  Michael takes the business card and decides to dance with the devil under the pale moonlight by visiting the sex-bot parlor.  The rest you have got to watch for yourself.

While watching 2050 I found that quite a few of my questions were addressed.  Well, except for the priests and nuns because of that probably an entirely different script.  Anywho, writers were careful to cover the grandiose illusion of lust a.ka. “the butterfly effect,” e-mate rules of engagement, various concepts of love perceptions of what it means to be in a relationship.  2050 makes for a thought-provoking conversation piece about the future of love and relationships.  I think a lot of people will enjoy this film, especially the merry-go-round effect when you hear the circus-themed music.  If you get a chance, I think you should grab a snack and check this one out. 


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