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Are you ready for Mark Hamill's Chucky? Here he is!

I love Chucky. I think it goes perfectly with the Gingers have no Souls meme we have. (Sorry Dannie) But Chucky kind of solidified my prejudice about ginger mutherfuckers.  When this new falootin' remake was announced I had about zero interest.  Then, Mark Hamill was announced and suddenly love shot out of my very existence.   Now they've gone and released the Mark Hamill face of Chucky...

I absolutely do not want to die possessing this ginger.  Absolutely not.  You know Chucky will have a laugh.  You know Mark Hamill is the conssumate professional that will craft a different laugh from his Joker. That sadistic laugh differential will be everything.  How great it is, will determine if this new iteration becomes something irresistable.  My ears are waiting! 

Bert Bolger

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