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RAMBO: LAST BLOOD trailer reminds us don't mess with Rambo

Remember that RAMBO cartoon?  My brother had all the toys, the helicopter, the assault vehicle, the jet, the sound pistol, the M-60 Machine Gun Toy, survival knife and the bike.   We made machine gun noises and he let me kill him repeatedly.  You'd think I would have grown up to be one of these dumb fucks shooting places up, instead, I just love movies.  

Stallone is getting up there in age, but I can never imagine doing anything to anger him or anyone else.  Not all killer vets look like Stallone, so just be nice to everyone.    This trailer tells me there are some not nice people and Rambo is gonna do what Rambo does to the rude.  Check the trailer out:



I'm totally hitting my bro up for this one!

Bert Bolger

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