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I attended the Boston Comic-Con over the weekend and let me tell you, some of the costumes were epic! Geekdom was in full effect as crowds descended upon the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center dressed as their favorite pop culture characters.

               I attended Saturday, which was absolutely packed, and again on Sunday. Sunday was a little more laid back but still had a decent-sized crowd. (I missed Friday for work, boo!) Both days had unique things to offer and I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of awesome people and purchase some unique merch!

               Of course, I could not cover every vendor in the building, so I picked a few of my favorite to highlight! There so many more with awesome and unique merch to offer!

               I had to have this Freddy glove key chain by Literary Alterations on Main!

               I also picked up this awesome picture of Jason Voorhees painted by Jerry Pesce of PescEffects! The colors against the metal almost glow and are completely mesmerizing! Check out the site because the pictures don’t do it justice!

               Then my girlfriend saw this one of Belle...

               Also added to the collection!

               I was totally blown away by the artwork of Stephen Najarian of Najarian Art! I’m a sucker for anything dragons, but these paintings were amazing! Look at how they pop! Visit the site for some gorgeous dragons!


 I had a chat with him for a minute and the one below was inspired by Game of Thrones! How cool is that? The colors, the detail, phenomenal art!

London Richmond of Know No Truth had some awesomely twisted art to display. My favorite was the bone-chilling raven, or maybe the Darth Vader riding a pink unicorn! (Ok, it was the Vader…) I love his macabre style, check him out!

               There were several comic book artists in attendance for signings and on the spot sketches and even a few celebrities came out for panels! Highlights included Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Corey Feldman, along with the cast of the Goonies, which I unfortunately missed. I did get to check out John Travolta though! He answered questions for fans during a panel Q&A. I sat in for a listen!


               I got to meet several amazing comic book artists over the weekend!

               I spoke with Joe St Pierre, the artist behind the most Spiderman #1’s! He was kind enough to snap a couple of photos for me!

               Marc Silvestri was in the house! Super cool guy!

               I also got to meet David Finch and Meredith Finch!


               The star of the weekend, for me, was Todd Macfarlane. He has always been one of my favorite comic artists. He was in attendance Sunday promoting Spawn making comic book history soon with issue #300 and #301! He held a panel and made time for fans on two separate occasions to sign autographs. He even stayed late, pushing it to the very last minute for his fan’s. Much respect!


               I didn’t get a chance to meet Todd, but I picked up this little gem!  It’s signed by both him and Clayton Crain, another of my favorite artists who happened to be in attendance!


               Of course, what is a Comic-Con without the costumes, right? There were some spectacular ones on both days, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! So let's get to the fun!

               This is one of my favorite shots! This guy goes by Joker Boston, and he was freakin’ hilarious! You can check him out on Facebook!

               Then Batman and Wonder Woman happened to walk by so….

               There was a life-sized Hulk Buster walking around! Probably one of the coolest things I ‘ve seen in a long time! (They wouldn’t let me try it out though!)

               These two as Cap and Thor absolutely killed it!

               I ran into two of my old homies! I never knew they liked comics!

               Found Waldo outside! He wasn't even hiding!

               This Iron Man was so realistic! It was incredible! 

               This guy’s Bat-suit was EPIC! A true work of art!

               There was no shortage of Star Wars fandom!



                What’s better than a flash mob, you ask? An impromptu Light Saber battle, duh!


               Miscellaneous pics to further your enjoyment!

               The Boston Comic-Con was awesome and I will be looking forward to going back next year! Make sure you have it on your radar!

               Were you at Boston Comic-Con! Let me know in the comments below and as always, keep on geekin’ on my friends!


               Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi


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