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Welcome back to Fight Fright Friday! Today is the second round of our Icon Bracket Semi-Finals! 


             Today’s fight will determine which of our two beloved horror character’s will move on to the ICON BRACKET FINALS to face off against Jason Voorhees! Will it be Freddy Krueger or Pinhead? Then, the winner of the ICON BRACKET will move on to the FINAL BRACKET to face off against the winners of the other 3 brackets. Those brackets will be ALIEN, HUMAN, and CLASSIC.  As a bonus, when all that is said and done, we will have a HERO BRACKET. The winner of the HERO BRACKET will then fight our FIGHT FRIGHT FRIDAY CHAMPION in an epic hero VS monster battle for the ages! If you're new to FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY all prior fights are on the site! Just search FIGHT FRIGHT FRIDAY to catch up! I’ll be keeping the intro’s shorter and focusing more on the fights in the Semi-Finals and Finals because all of the fighters have or will be introduced at length in their first fight!  


             Let’s get right down to it folks! Today we have two of the most popular and well-known movie monsters’ to ever grace our screens! Freddy Krueger and Pinhead! This is going to be an interesting fight! Both of these characters have very powerful abilities and their personalities are like fire and ice. Freddy is slick, witty and cunning. Pinhead is calm, cool and collected. Freddy is in your face; Pinhead doesn’t have to be. Freddy is short-tempered and impatient. Pinhead has all the time in the world and rarely loses his composure. This should be fun. Let’s go! 





                            I seriously don’t think I need to even introduce this guy. His ugly burned up face has been giving us nightmares since the late ’80s. To this day, A Nightmare on Elm St is one of the most unique and original horror films around. Freddy is a monster like no other and his personality is what makes the movies what they are. (Shout out to the legend himself, Robert Englund for that!) Nearly invincible in the dream world, Freddy has inconceivable power. He can bend reality, create whatever he wants and shapeshift into anything.  On the other hand, he has no powers in the real world beyond that of a mortal man. He’ll make ya’ laugh before he kills ya’ and he’s the only child killer you can’t help but love! Ladies and gentleman, Freddy Krueger! King of Nightmares! 





                             Another fan favorite who’s had more sequels than haircuts (well, because he has no hair) and who possesses a ridiculous amount of power. His name is synonymous with torture and agony, but some turn to him for pleasure. A demon or an angel depending on your point of view, Pinhead is the leader of the Cenobites. Interdimensional demons and denizens of “hell”. To say Pinhead is a boss would be a gross understatement. He can walk into churches and melt crosses, warp the world around him and even create new Cenobites out of his victims. He literally presided over hell in Lucifer’s absence and has very few weaknesses other than trapping him back in the Lament Configuration puzzle box. He is articulate and extremely intelligent. In short, never underestimate the “Hell Priest.” He only kills those who’s desire calls him forth and he can be bargained with. But can never be escaped.  




              We have a few extenuating circumstances here. First, Freddy only has his power in the dream world. Second, Pinhead must be summoned to our world.  Here’s the scenario... 

2 high school friends are headed home from a road trip. After a long weekend of booze and party’s they were ready to get home and recover. It was summer and it was 90+ degree’s at 4:00 PM.  

“You know,” said one girl to the other. “We really should have gotten your AC fixed before we left.”   

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” replied Amy. “I didn’t hear you complaining on the way there.”  

 “I didn’t have a hangover,” Jen answered.  

“Touché,”  replied Amy.   

“Hey, I think there’s a store up there, pull over. I need some water. And something with some salt on it.”  

Amy did as her friend requested and they got out of the car, both stretching their legs.  

“Pleasure?” asked a creepy older man standing at the corner of the store. “Or pain?”  

“Get bent,” replied Jen as they headed for the entrance. They grabbed water and some snacks, Jen got her chips, and they headed back out into the summer heat. 

 “What’s your pleasure?” asked the raggedy looking man again. He was unshaven and dirty. His arm was stretched out toward them as if to show them something. In his hand was a golden box, the sunlight reflected off of it, catching Jen’s eye.  

“What is that?” she asked the man.  

“Pleasure? Or pain?” he asked again.  

“Jen, let’s go,” said Amy, clearly uncomfortable. She looked at her friend impatiently.  

“Hold on,” she said as she slowly walked towards the man. “That box in your hand. What is it?” She asked him. 

 “Do you prefer pleasure? Or pain?” in the same monotone voice. His hand still outstretched towards her.  

“What’s your deal man, that all you can say?”  

“Jen!” yelled Amy. “Come on, let’s go!”  

Jen turned back towards the man, mischief in her voice.  

“Pleasure,” she said with a smile.  

“Of course. It’s always pleasure.” said the man as he hands her the box. 

“Jen! No! Don’t!” yelled Amy.  


       She took the box from his hand slowly; his arm was covered in locusts up to the elbow. They were in his hair too. They were everywhere. Jen turned to her friend. 

“It’s just a box, Amy. Relax. It’s pretty. I like it.”  

“Jen, you have no idea what that thing is, it could be, I don’t know, evil.”  

“Don’t be ridiculous” she replied making devil horns over her head. “Hey Mr., this thing ain't evil, right?” She turned to the stranger, awaiting his reply but nobody was there. It was as if he had just vanished. “What the hell?” asked Jen out loud. “Where did he go?”


“Come on, forget it. Let’s get out of here,” answered Amy  

“No. You saw him. He was right there!”  

“Yeah, and now he’s not. Who cares? He probably went around back to pee or sleep or something.” Amy headed towards the car as Jen lagged behind a moment, looking around. “You coming or what?”  


 “Yeah.” She answered as she made her way to the car. She opened the door to get in. 

 “You're not seriously getting in my car with that thing, are you?”  

“I told you. I like it. Now shut up, and get our asses home, bitch.” 


They drove for a while listening to music but not really speaking until Amy broke the silence. 

 “You know Jen, you should really chill on the drinking. Last night was out of hand.” She looked at her longtime friend with a smile, letting her know she wasn’t being judgmental, she was just concerned.    

“I appreciate the words Amy, but you were just as drunk as I was last night.” 

“Yeah.” She answered. “Last night. But not every night, Jen. I’m worried about you.” 

“Well, don’t be. I’m good. And plus, it’s the only time I can sleep without the nightmares.” 

“They’re back?” 

“They never left,” answered Jen. I just stopped complaining about it.” 

The sun was going down as Amy pulled off the road and into Jen’s driveway at 11405 Elm St.  

“You know you can talk to me, Jen. You're not alone.” 

“I am when I dream. But thanks. It means a lot. Really.” She gave her friend a hug and exited the vehicle. “I’ll call you tomorrow. Get home safe.”  

“I will. See you tomorrow. Get some rest.” 

“Right,” she answered. “Rest.” 


Jen went inside, exhausted from the weekend. She hoped in the shower, barely able to keep eyes open.  20 minutes later she was in her PJ’s and laying on her bed. She was looking up at the ceiling spinning the box in her hands, watching the moon lite from the window glisten off each corner as it spun. It was mesmerizing. Hypnotizing almost. Her eyes began to get heavier. Then close...  

She snapped her eyes back open, not ready to sleep just yet. Looking at the box in her hand, she wondered where it came from, what it was. Who's it was. She gently rubbed her fingers around its edges, tracing its many intricate patterns.  She stood up off the bed, intentions of going to empty her bladder when her feet got stuck to the ground. She lifted her right one first, using both hands. It was as if they were stuck in quicksand. She managed to get both feet free and jump back to her bed. The walls began to decay and rot in front of her eyes. Suddenly, she was in an old boiler room. The only thing familiar was her bed, as she lay on top of it in the middle of the room like an island in the ocean. 


 Realizing she was having another one of her nightmares she takes a deep breath and tries to focus. “I know you’re here you son of a bitch,” she said into the darkness. The only light being the faint glow of old the boiler. A noise rose from the abysmal nothingness. Distant at first, then louder. It was high pitch and awful, like nails on a chalkboard.  As the sound gets closer a figure emerges from the shadows. He’s wearing a beat-up fedora and on his right hand, a glove with knives sharp as razors. The noise was him dragging those knives across a pipe as he got closer and closer to Jen.  


“Miss me?” he asks tauntingly. He walks so slowly that Jen figures it must be deliberate.  

“What the hell do you want?” She almost swallowed her own words, her voice cracked as she spoke.  She begins to sweat as the temperature rises in the room. “Who are you?” As her nerves began to take hold of her, she unconsciously rubs her fingers down the edges of the box and then around the circle in the middle. The box springs open in her hands as she lets a gasp escape her from her lips. It twists and turns, closing again in a different position. A bright, blinding light seeps through the walls in pinhole sized beams. She covers her eyes with her left hand while squinting to see what was happening now. The pin-sized holes grew until the entire wall was gone. In its place was a portal bearing the shape of a man within it. “Seriously, what now?”  


The figure comes forward, the nails in his head glimmering slightly in the dim light.  

“Who dares call me forth?” Pinhead’s face was solemn, his tone was stern. He wasn’t a man. No. Maybe he was at one point, but not now. His skin was lifeless and pale. His eyes jet black.  

“I...” Jen froze for a second before finding the courage to continue. “I did. I think.”  

“Child, you either did or you did not. There is no thinking involved here. “ 

“I did. I just didn’t know what I was doing.” 

“Enough!” interrupts Freddy. “The bitch is mine.” He looks Pinhead up and down, sizing him up. 

“I care not who she belongs to. I only care what her flesh feels like as it is ripped from her bones.” 

“Wait, what? No!” yelled Jen.  

“You’ll have to go through me first, demon,” Freddy opens his hand flashing his claws.  

“I am no mere demon you fool!” Pinhead raises his voice for the first time. The force blows Freddy back against the wall. “I am your hell! I am your salvation!” he continues. “I am your pleasure...” Without lifting a finger Pinhead shoots 4 chains towards Freddy. They connect, slicing Freddy with their razor-sharp hooks and sticking into his torso. They rip Freddy’s chest open violently, exposing his ribcage. “I am your pain!” 


Freddy looks down surprised. “Ouch, you got me!” A grin slowly spreads across his face as he holds his chest. “You got me really good.” His laugh is quiet and sinister as he watches the wound heal. “Cute trick.” He looks up at Pinhead, his jagged, yellow teeth showing behind his crooked smile. “My turn, motherfu@#er!”  


Freddy appears behind Pinhead, shoving his gloved hand into the Hell Priest’s stomach. “Let’s find out what you had for lunch!”  Pinhead looks down, amused by the effort. He extends his arm blowing Freddy back.  

He gets up and inhales deeply, the exhales. Then again, and again growing in size each time. “Welcome to my world, bi@#h!” Towering over Pinhead now he grabs a hold of the lead Cenobite and raises his razor-sharp knives into the air, ready to strike. Suddenly, the walls start to rot and decay and again. The boiler room slowly fades.  Freddy looks up surprised, momentarily letting his guard down. A chain shoots out of the darkness, then another, attaching to Freddy and holding on.  

“Wake up.” 

Jen sat up in her bed suddenly, startled by the abrupt ending to her vividly macabre dream. Her relief was cut short when her eyes shifted up. There he was. In her bedroom. Realizing it was his voice that woke her from her nightmare she asked, “Why? How?”  

“There is so much that you do not know, child. Things that I can show you.” He reaches his hand out to her, his face void of all emotion.  “Come with me.” 

She stands up off the bed and slowly walks towards Pinhead. Freddy crashes out from under the bed, poised for the kill.  

“Stop!” yells Pinhead. One single chain shoots out, grabbing him by the neck. It wraps around tightly, bringing Freddy to his knees. “You have no power here. Welcome to my world, mortal.” A portal opens in the wall, a dozen arms reach out, dragging Freddy inside. “It’s time you come home. You’ve been away too long.”


Jen watches as the Freddy is pulled into the portal. “How?” 

“I am not bound by the rules of your reality. And my reality allows him to exist. He will be punished for his insolence. Of that, I assure you. For pain, is my specialty.” He extends his hand to her again. “Come. See the sights with me, child.”  

She takes his hand, and they disappear into the portal together as the box clicks into place and closes. 







Freddy is a tough opponent for sure but for me it boiled to down to this; if Freddy exists as a demon of your dreams, well Pinhead would be his boss. Seriously, the dude runs “Hell”.  Pinhead would also have access to the dream world being an interdimensional demon. Meaning, if you were to open the box in the dreamworld, playing by the rules of A Nightmare on Elm St and Hellraiser, the portal should still open, summing Pinhead into that reality. He would have access to both planes and could easily wake Jen up. And since he runs “Hell”, at least when Lucifer is away, he would absolutely know the rules of how to defeat a dream demon. To further my point and emphasize Pinheads power, if Freddy’s soul refused to go to “Hell”, Pinhead would be the one to come get him. Sorry, Freddy. I love ya’, but you lose this one. Join us next week for the FRIGHT FIGHT FRIDAY ICON BRACKET FINAL! If anyone can stand up to Pinhead, it’s Jason Voorhees! Don’t forget to upvote your favorite fighter you think I got it wrong, tell me in the comments below! I know you will! Until next time, keep on geekin’ on my friends! 


“Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi 

Follow me: @JoshuaScafidi 


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