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Check Out This Exclusive Clip From PHOBIAS On Demand and Digital March 19, 2021

Hey Friends!  Barbarella here with an exclusive clip from PHOBIAS.  Starring a slew of actors, including Leonardo Nam ("Westworld"), Martina Garcia ("Narcos"), Hana Mae Lee (PITCH PERFECT), Alexis Knapp (PITCH PERFECT), and Macy Gray (THE PAPERBOY), the movie explores extreme phobias.  You may want to have Google ready to search definitions, as these are not your typical phobias.  It would have been nice if the filmmakers thought to include the definition of the phobia with its name, but then I question how precisely the stories represent the phobia, so maybe it's best not to know the definitions.  Even though the framework connecting the stories feels a bit too forced and ridiculous, it's a pretty fun horror anthology with some stories certainly more entertaining than others.  Check out the "Let Me Help" clip from one of the more entertaining tales.  

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