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Other Worlds Film Festival ‘19- Madame Revenant Cuts Into DEAD DICKS!

DEAD DICKS is a strange sci-fi horror film. Let's just put that out there. Becca (Jillian Harris), a young student who is just accepted into a prestigious med school program, is hailed by her mentally disturbed brother Richie (Heston Horwin) to aide him in an unexplained and certainly bizarre situation that has befallen him. See, he committed suicide, but it didn't take. Becca is then thrust into a truly awkward position as she aids her brother in ridding his apartment of many deceased versions of himself, all the while a nosy neighbor can't seem to leave the duo alone. Oh yeah, and there is a very large vagina-like stain on Richie's bedroom wall. 
I went into the theater knowing very little about the premice and left feeling about the same. It is a little convoluted, sentimental, and filled to the brim with sour feelings.To be deliberately vague, certain aspects of the film weren't really important but only served as a catalyst to beget conflict between players and once used, were simply disregarded at the end of the film. All that aside, I liked the overall plot of the film. It is odd how they didn't even try to explain why Richie kept coming back, how the vagina really worked, or why Richie wanted to die at all. It is a film that places you in a an impossible scenario and you, as the audience, are there for the ride. Is it a satisfying ride? Somewhat, if you happen to enjoy dismemberment. Seriously though, it's a decent film. There are many humourous parts that make fun of death and dying which helped. It also explores the concept of the body simply being a shell for which our consciousness sits.

Currently, there is no wide release date for this film. To sum up, I say give it a watch. It is definitely amusing.
Madame Revenant
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