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BIRDS OF PREY Trailer and First New Harley Photo Reaction by Son of Celluloid

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you may be reading this, Son of Celluloid here! If you're a fan of Harley Quinn, the Birds of Prey, or Ewan McGregor, today is an exciting day! The first teaser was released for the Harley Quinn-centric DC movie BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN (wow what an amazing title) along with a close up still shot of the film's lead, Harley Quinn. Taking a queue from Marvel Studios, the teaser is relatively short and doesn't show us much of anything that appears to be actual footage from the film itself.

We get some quick shots of characters and their weapon of choice of, no faces shown, then a montage of each character from head to toe, followed by text on the screen stating 'See You Soon' and a black screen with some bright pink lips in the bottom corner. None of the characters appear to be in their super hero or villain costume, as Ewan McGregor's face is unobstructed by the Black Skull mask he'll inevitably don in the film. More of the film's plot seems to be given away by the film's title, than teaser, which I couldn't be more elated with. The music during the trailer, however, is the most interesting part to me. It starts out very discordant before more notes join in bringing the sounds into a much more cohesive song of somniferous quality. Could this be a clue as to how the title Birds of Prey must learn to work together as a team, or DC and Warner Bros. way of letting us know "Hey, yeah, Suicide Squad was a mess but it made lots of money, won an oscar, and gave audiences and fans a silver screen version of Harley Quinn they could get behind." Only time will tell. The teaser song is titled A New Error by German electronic band Moderat.
We also have a first look at Harley in the new movie, Dark Horizons had it first!! It's a shot of Margot Robbie as the soon to be emancipated Harley Quinn unenthusiastically kissing the camera and holding up a peace sign. There's lots to see here, as she is wearing several necklaces that all probably have some easter eggy magic to them. The most notable though is the dog tag on her choker which simply states "BRUCE." Considering Batman (probably?) won't show up in this movie given everything happening behind scenes with Ben Affleck, this is most likely a nod to Harley Quinn's creator Bruce Timm.
Excited? Don't care? Surprised they would take Harley Quinn so confidently in this character direction given today's social climate? Let me know in the comments!
Son of Celluloid Signing off!
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