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Somehow I’ve been making more time for video games lately! After being  repeatedly advertised to watching the Daily Show, and then just having the game offered to me in early access (not like that’s a big deal or anything, you can pick it up on Steam right now for a mere $20), I decided to give a go.

Honestly, I do my best to avoid massive multiplayer online games because they are either a huge time sink, addictive, or usually both. I mean, though it is not an MMO, I usually don’t allow  myself to play THE SIMS for the same reasons, unless I need to hardcore kill time or keep myself distracted from something stressful. I know, I have a problem but I know how to keep it in check! Though, THE BLACKOUT CLUB is kinda trying me.

The game has a fairly long, but really cool tutorial mission that introduces you to the game. There’s a bunch of strange things happening around the neighborhood, people are waking up in places when they have no memory of how they got there. Adults are acting strange, and don’t believe the kids when they point any of those things out, so The Blackout Club was formed to collect information and investigate what is really going on.

THE BLACKOUT CLUB introduces an interesting feature where you can press a button and close your eyes to see what you can’t see with the naked eye, including secret messages, paths, and The Shape. The Shape is pretty much an invisible boogeyman that comes to take over the player’s mind, and you cannot control yourself again until another player saves you! Meanwhile, you can spectate over the other players, as it can take a while sometimes.

Much of the missions in the game require stealth, as you are just a child and have little defense being a single use taser, single use crossbow, or grapple. But that’s okay, because this is a game where you and your team look out for each other! As of yet, I haven’t had a single negative experience playing the game because no one can be left behind finishing a mission, so you have to cooperate or lose. The end of the match also shames those who were the worst about causing trouble, like running recklessly into things by labeling their screen name with devil horns.

What the missions are can be rather simple, but getting it done can require some serious teamwork. I’m still low level, but as I have progressed I have definitely seen things get more difficult, especially if I join games hosted by those on levels much higher than me. Therefore, high levels on players actually mean things beyond just playing the game a whole bunch. The enemies get more difficult, varied, and plentiful.

Some of the most basic enemies you will encounter are the Sleepwalkers, which can hear but not see, and the Lucids, which can see but not hear. With that in mind, simply sneaking everywhere will not get you to where you need to go, and you will have to keep an eye everywhere around you to get past the enemies.

If you are wounded, the enemies will drag you to the Red Doors where they spawn from, or The Shape spawns from. It’s kinda terrifying, but as you are dragged past garbage piles, you can grab an item from there to help you escape. Pretty cool. Though, your stamina goes down with your health and even if you manage to escape, The Shape will come after you and you don’t have enough breath to keep running. This has been probably the most frustrating part of the game I have found so far.

Recently, there was a Stalker update, so if you don’t feel like being a team player and pass I think level 5, you can begin invading random games and work as surveillance for the enemy! It’s very hard to win as a Stalker, and you can be taken down real quick, but it’s still fun.

Most of the matches don’t usually take more than 10-20 minutes, so it isn’t difficult to sit down and sneak in a game here or there.

I have enjoyed my time playing THE BLACKOUT CLUB and will probably continue to pick it up when I find the time. The game overall is a lot of fun and I would recommend picking it up. It’s going for only $19.99 on Steam right now. Being in early access, I am amazed to say that I have seen no real bugs in the game thus far, even though it is in early access! THE BLACKOUT CLUB is also out on PS4 and XBONE.


~Eva Snail aka Big Eyes

Instagram: @artbysnail

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