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RED JOAN: Devoted Mother and KGB Spy See the Trailer Now

WHAT UP everyone!  It’s Sam here to talk about the new movie RED JOAN expected to hit theaters on Tuesday, April 9th

Trevor Nunn (director) and Linsday Shapero (writer) have come together to give us the story about 87-year-old Joan Stanly, a widow, devoted mother, and KGB spy.  OH SNAP!  S#$t just got real.  Peep the trailer:


The setting of this story takes place in the UK, in the year 2000 where elderly Joan, played by Judi Dench is arrested and taken into questioning for charges of espionage.  

During the interrogation, the audience will be introduced to young Joan played by Sophie Cookson.  

Afterward, viewers are transitioned back and forth through time as the story unfolds of young Joan’s time as a Cambridge University student.  Joan attended the prestigious university during the late 1930s and the early 1940s as a brilliant theoretical physicist.  Was her brilliance targeted to create the atom bomb and how was she selected to become a spy?  I don’t know, but I plan to grab some seriously buttery popcorn to find out.

Are you interested in historical topics such as espionage, Communism, the Cold War, and the atom bomb?  Well, this might be the one for you.   Before going to see this film, do be mindful of the stars gender and what it meant to be female during the 1930s-40s.  I mean, Joan is not coming to the big screen with Charlie Baltimore vibes (Yes, I love THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT).

Either way, I don’t care because I am drawn to all HIDDEN FIGURES that reveal brilliant women and their place in history. 

I am gonna checking this one out.  

Book lova’s, if you want to read the fictional novel that made the screenplay possible and is loosely based on real-life KGB spy, Molita Norwood here it is….

If you want to read a true crime novel about Molita Norwood, then check out this one…

All that being said, until the next time


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