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Who are you kidding, Hollywood? SHAZAM and ALADDIN "second" trailers show nothing new

Hey guys, Big Eyes here.

So Disney dropped a "new" ALADDIN trailer over Christmas, and I didn't bother sharing it because there wasn't really anything new about it except for some behind the scenes stuff. AND THEN they just tacked on the first trailer. Because you know, about 46 seconds of people just talking about the movie wasn't adequate.



Although, what I can say that I learned from this new trailer was that they actually went to the desert to film this. I honestly thought from the first trailer it was all Cg.

I thought this half assed "second trailer" business was a fluke with just ALADDIN, but shortly after, a SHAZAM "second trailer" was released.

I'm watching through, and I don't think there is actually anything new in here.


Some of it is in Japanese. We now know that they call Shazam SHAZAMU over in Nippon. At the very least, I suppose we can take this opportunity to talk some more about SHAZAM. Let's get excited that DC is continuing to work away from their "dark and gritty" films and trying to create better movies.


Both of these trailers came out late-ish December, so I guess the advertising folks just slapped something together to get people who are at home talking about it. 


Do these trailers make you guys more excited to see the movies?


~"Big Eyes" Eva Snail

Instagram: @artbysnail

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