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Holy Shit! The new DARK PHOENIX Trailer looks awesome!

Roni Rampant here,

Gotta say, when X-Men: Last Stand tried to handle the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2006, I wasn't the only one disappointed. And I'd frankly forgotten that there was an actual Dark Phoenix movie on the horizon. So this feels even more like a Christmas miracle!

Behold: The DARK PHOENIX International trailer:

So much to unpack here. The international trailer hones down much more on the emotional core of the Dark Phoenix character than the (frankly kind of forgettable) American trailer, and feels a lot more powerful, which seems in line with director Simon Kinberg's vision for the character. “DARK PHOENIX is the most intimate, emotional and personal movie we’ve made, and yet also has the biggest breadth in terms of spanning beyond our planet, even beyond our galaxy," Kinbergs says. "There’s a sense that the things that are happening emotionally for Jean and what’s happening cosmically inside her is making her incredibly unstable, dangerous, destructive.”

There's also talk of Jessica Chastain's character being a blonde alien, which frankly isn't ringing any bells for me in the X-Men universe. Emma Frost isn't an alien, is she? What do you think, talkbackers? 


- Roni Rampant aka Janet Harvey

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