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KINGDOM HEARTS III ‘Final Battle’ Trailer the Last Before Release

Earlier today the last trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III was revealed titled FINAL BATTLE. With release looming ever nearer on January 29th, Square Enix and Disney continue to hype their long-running joint title of KINGDOM HEARTS. After a long break between KHII and this newest release with a few spin-off games and a mobile game in between fans are chomping at the bit for KINGDOM HEARTS III, with this new trailer we get a better look about what we can expect in the newest installment.

New enemies ranging from Heartless to Nobodies. Summons and powers involving LILO AND STITCH and RATATOUILLE and some not shown.  Plus more scenes of the worlds we’ll be visiting like MONSTERS INC., RAPUNZEL, FROZEN, and BIG HERO 6. We’ll be seeing the return of many characters like Axel aka Lea and some of the other former and current members of Organization XIII also the return of Master Xehanort. Of course, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Sora return in hopes of saving the worlds from the darkness. It seems though from what we see in this trailer, the third game will take a much darker tone and players will be faced with maybe a few hard choices to make. I can only guess at what we will get out of this and how the story of KINGDOM HEARTS will end but with new adventures and worlds just around the corner, the release of KINGDOM HEARTS III can’t come soon enough.


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