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HELLBOY 2019 Trailer is Hot to the Touch!

Here it is, the non Guillermo Del Toro HELLBOY everyone has been waiting for!




Boy, wasn't that great? It had a bit of the old GDT feel, but to me, a lot of it felt off. This trailer didn’t really look like an official trailer, though this is from the Lionsgate official YouTube channel. Am I the only one that think this looks like a knock-off or a fan movie?


If you guys are catching up, you may notice that Ron Perlman is NOT Hellboy this time around. Instead, Hellboy is portrayed by David Harbour in this version. This is not HELLBOY 3, that project announced officially dead last year on Del Toro’s twitter, after a whole mess of things that got in the way, including being unable to get the financing, according to Den of Geek in their detailed report on what happened. HELLBOY 2019 is a reboot.

Apparently Ron Perlman really doesn’t want to talk about the reboot too much, but it could be that he’s just not interested since it was no longer the project he was passionately working on with Del Toro. Perlman’s tweets definitely reflected his disappointment after they news came out that it was no longer happening.




How are you guys feeling for this new HELLBOY trailer? Do you think it will be good?

~Big Eyes


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