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DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS, The Epic Holiday Movie We Never Knew We Needed!

I stumbled across something pretty darn AWESOME. Check out this trailer for DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS, EW describes it as HOME ALONE meets RAMBO, and I think that’s a perfectly accurate description for what you are about to see!



If it looks old to you, it is because it is. Here, I first thought they did an excellent job making it look like it was from the era. This is a 1989 French flick and I’m shocked that I never knew it existed.


The story follows a young boy named Thomas who loves role playing games and his doggo. While his mother is out on Christmas Eve, he is home alone with his grandfather. Some pervy tool dressed as Santa Claus takes advantage of their vulnerability, and attempts to raid their home.


Apparently, I completely missed the American premier of this movie at Fantastic Fest, what a shame!


Here’s a list of upcoming showings of the movie in the US!


12/17 (Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake — Denver, CO.)


12/17 (AFI Silver — Washington, D.C.)


12/18 (Sidewalk Film Fest — Birmingham, AL.)


12/19 (Egyptian — Los Angeles, CA.)


12/19 (Globe Cinema — Calgary)


12/19 (Boston Underground Film Festival — Boston, MA.)


12/19 & 12/23 (Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn — New York, NY.)


12/20 (Royal Cinema — Toronto)


12/21 (Alamo Drafthouse — Raleigh, NC.)


12/22 (Suns Cinema — Washington, D.C.)


12/23 (Frida Cinema — Santa Ana, CA.)


12/24 (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz — Austin, TX.)


1/9 (Winnipeg Film Group — Winnipeg)


1/19 (Jacob Burns Film Center — Pleasantville, NY.)


Check it out if you can!

~Big Eyes


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