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MOB PSYCHO 100 Season 2 Nears and Teases with a New Trailer

Two years after the end of season one, studio BONES is back with the second season of the hit series MOB PSYCHO 100. It’s been painful but after a series of trailers and a finalized air date, the wait is over. We can get back to seeing Mob try to cope with the everyday life of being a psychic highschooler working for a massive fraud of an exorcist, and with this newest trailer it looks like struggle is going to be the name of the game as Mob tries to hold onto who he is while keeping his friends and family safe.


Personally, I hope we see more of the Scar syndicate and more of Mob’s brother Ritsu using his powers this season, and who knows maybe Mob will finally get a girlfriend this season. The first episode is going to be aired in theaters as a Fathom event on January 5th but then will begin airing on television in Japan and on some streaming services starting a couple of days later on the 7th. Here’s hoping for another great and wildly successful season.


Machka signing off.

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