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Jason Momoa Fans are Tested with Terrible “Africa” by Toto Cover For AQUAMAN

I’m sure you all will love to hate on this! Pitbull featuring Rhea, in “Ocean to Ocean”, which is actually a strange cover of “Africa” by Toto. “Africa” by Toto has been a bit of a meme, lately. The 80s is ultimately retrocool right now. We’ve seen in that evidence in reboots like GHOSTBUSTERS, new movies like READY PLAYER ONE, shows like STRANGER THINGS, and most modern music videos. Muse recently released a whole album called Simulation Theory, which its cover looks like BACK TO THE FUTURE, plus the 80s threw up on it with cars, lasers, and sunglasses.

There has been also another recent cover of “Africa” by Weezer, which was so-so, but I really prefer the original to it. I have yet to have heard a cover of the song that I love. I don’t think it’s impossible to hear a better cover, but I would say I like this new one even less than Weezer’s.

Obviously, DC looked at what’s popular and decided to push it forward as they do, churning out not so great stuff. Though I’m crossing my fingers on the AQUAMAN movie itself, which the song is attached to.

I give you “Ocean to Ocean” by Pitbull featuring Rhea with that synthesized 80s synth!



Do you guys see what nostalgia has done?! This is kinda terrible. No doubt it’s going to be on the radio and we’ll just get the music blue balls of wanting to hear the original. And then the lyrics will be stuck in your head until you do! I hope you all hear it on the way to work! It’s like the 80’s 80’d the 80’s with 00’s.

I guess I’m not being fair, though. There are some retro-modern fusions that have worked…this is not one of them.

Can anyone recommend a better cover in the Talkbacks?

~Big Eyes


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