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Pixar moves ONWARD & upward!

Back in July, Pixar announced they were making ONWARD, today, we got a bit more.  Dan Scanlon, Director of "Monster University" has captured Chris Pratt and Tom Holland fresh from The Decimation and will be joining Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  The Marvel hero pair will play a pair of teenage elf brothers that set upon a noble quest to find if magic still exists to enable them to spend a single day with their own father, who died before their memory could hold onto him.  This modern fantasy world, devoid of us pesky humans, will be filled with fantasy beings like unicorns, trolls, sprites and a few other beings that they're keeping quiet about at the moment. Seems like another iteration of the Pixar formula.  Toys feel, Bugs feel, Cars feel, Feelings feel, ghosts feel, Monsters feel, Superheroes feel, Fish feel, Scottish Lass feel, Dinosaurs feel and now Elves feel.

How will they twist and turn their basic concept?  We'll find out March 6th, 2020!

That's what fiction is for,


Eel O'Brien

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