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"I'll Take Your Dead" Review from Other Worlds Austin

For many, family members hold a higher importance in their lives over others. In the case of a father and his progeny, a man may sacrifice everything to ensure their child’s safety and wellbeing. The film I’LL TAKE YOUR DEAD portrays just that. William a.k.a “The Candy Butcher” (Aiden Devine) has a particularly messy job of disposing of dead bodies for compensation. His daughter Gloria (Ava Preston) also happens to know, and often scolds William when he does not follow “the rules” he set (basically how not to get caught and no kids!). One snowy day, William is contracted to dispose of three bodies. He is rather reluctant to take the job due to one of the bodies being a kid but is forced to take them anyway. During the process of dismemberment, he quickly realizes that one body is not, in fact, dead. What starts as a simple job turns into so much more. William decides to save the poor soul but also holds the woman against her will in order to ensure his daughter’s safety until they skip town. Gloria is not your typical daughter. She happens to see the ghosts of the unfortunate her father dismembers, often scaring her half to death. Once she learns of her father’s deeds, she is quick to disapprove and fumes over the fact that William dressed the female up in one of “mother’s dresses”. It is clear by this statement that Gloria is a rather mature 12 years old with a tilted conscience. Through various moments in the film, it is shown that William sees the horrific side of humanity and prepares his daughter for survival within that nightmare.  What is he isn’t prepared for is Jackie (Jess Salgueiro) eventually befriending Gloria for a singular purpose: to escape. 
This film has so much more to offer the audience so I don’t want to spoil it for you. It is inventive, creepy, and definitely gory. Chad Archibald, the director of films BITE and THE HERETICS certainly continues to improve his skill in the genre of horror, yet this film is a bit more subdued than his other works. While the film does not follow crazy cults or fish women, it does show another side of gang-related affairs and the people who get wrapped into the drama of the game. 
Definitely check it out when you get the chance. 
Until the night takes our days, watch more movies!
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