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ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Just Dropped a Great New Trailer!

Check out out, geeks!

This trailer looks better than that clip we saw just a few days ago. This is the international trailer.


The movie kinda looks like it’s living up to the original story, but we’ll see. I read the manga long ago. It was about a cyborg girl named Alita that was found in a scrap heap by a scientist named Ido. He gave her new prosthetic body, and she fought another cyborg who was a junkie...FOR BRAINS. It’s been over a decade since I read, but I believe he was after the dopamine or DMT in them. The art is stunning, in both the manga and the anime. “Battle Angel: Alita” is from a time of anime where they still used realistic dark shadows, and didn’t try to feed into modern otaku culture and make everything cute or “waifu” material, where the women were strong badasses and would take down the enemy while covered in blood!

Will Robert Rodriguez do ALITA justice, or will this be another failed anime adaptation? Hopefully with talent like Rosa Salazar as Alita and Christopher Waltz as Ido, it can be carried through well enough! Can’t wait to see this in February!

~Big Eyes


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