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"Why am I here?!" - The trailer for ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL is "Savage"!

We've had a couple different pieces run here on the site for the upcoming theatrical release of the PG-13 edit of DEADPOOL 2 now known as ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL. You can check those out HERE and HERE.
Look, this was never going to be anything more than an odd footnote in the history of superhero films. It's harmless fun for a charitable cause. It would be real easy to be cynical about the whole deal. You can say it's a cash grab (...for umm charity?). You can say it's the studio testing the waters to see if a toned down Deadpool will work for the masses (ehh... maybe). 
I don't really care about that cynical thinking. I just care if the film works as a movie in this altered version. Is it worth my time and by extension yours.
Well, that's still a big question mark but this just released teaser for the new cut has some solid laughs. It wisely focuses on the THE PRINCESS BRIDE framing device with an all grown up Fred Savage. Check it out:
Not bad right? Not much to go on there... but what is there works. Here's the one-sheet for this thing as well:
So, what do you guys think? Will you be checking this out in a few weeks or is two versions of this flick enough for you already. Let us know!
ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL will tell you a storybook story on December 12th in theaters nationwide.

- Matthew Essary

(aka "Wheels")


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