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The Romanoffs 1.7 FAQ

What’s it called?
“End of the Line.”

Who’s responsible?
Matthew Weiner directs from a teleplay credited to Andre and Maria Jacquemetton (“Mad Men”).

What says Amazon Prime?
“On a trip abroad to pursue their legacy, a couple faces destruction.”

How does it start?
A couple fills a suitcase with sweaters, Starbucks and cash.

Tell us about this “couple.”
He works for Universal Studios in Los Angeles. She’s a Romanov.

Who appears this week?
Kathryn Hahn (“Step Brothers,” “I Love Dick”), Jay R. Ferguson (“Mad Men,” “Living Biblically”), Annet Mahendru (“The Americans,” “Tyrant”) and Clea Duvall (“Veep,” “Better Call Saul”).

How does this episode compare to the prior six?
This is the best of the first seven.

I don’t think last week’s Mexico City episode crossed over into with any of the prior episodes. Does this week’s?
Yes. The Kathryn Hahn character is a cousin to the Radha Mitchell character from last week’s episode.

Does the seventh episode feel like a late-career Woody Allen movie?
Not so much. But if Woody Allen made it, it would be ranked as one of his finest.

Were you again disappointed by the ending?
No. Like the fourth (Amanda Peet) installment, this one features a tremendous ending.

The big news?
This one is set in a piece of Russia so far east, it’s east of China.

What else is Amazon not telling us?
Despite the utilization of comedy vets Hahn and Ferguson, this is not a terribly funny episode. This episode is daring, suspenseful and heartbreaking.

What’s great?
Oxana. The dogs. The ubiquitous guns. The central dilemma. The entire cast but especially Annet Mahendru, an “Americans” regular who again gets to exhibit her fluency in Russian.

What’s not so great?
The week-long wait for the finale, “The One That Holds Everthing.”

How ends episode seven, spoiler boy?
The Ferguson character stares out an airplane window.

11:59 p.m. Thursday. Amazon.

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